Author: Debbie Macomber
ISBN: 978-0-06-199712-9

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Lacey Lancaster is a young woman who up and moved to San Francisco after her husband delivered the news to her that he wanted a divorce. Receiving a nice sum of money from the separation, Lacey left behind her ex-husband and tried to begin a new, single life - trying desperately to forget the fact that her husband dumped her for a younger, hotter version. Lacey tries every day to get over the harsh feelings that still eat away at her soul, and decides to run out and purchase a cat named Cleo for company. Lacey still remembers the day that she walked into the pet store and saw the gorgeous cat sitting in a cage looking miserable and dejected - a cat whose sisters have already been sold leaving an abandoned Cleo to face the world alone. Lacey takes her home and begins to heal from her heartache by talking to her best friend, while he cat listens, talks, and purrs as she and Lacey try to sort out their life together.

One night Lacey realizes that Cleo is in heat, and she must call the doctor in order to find the perfect pure-bred mate so that the kittens can be sold, While talking to the vet on the phone, Lacey could hardly hear what was being said as the shouting came from the other side of the wall from Jack Walker’s apartment. Jack was what people would consider a Don Juan - a gorgeous man living next door who constantly seemed to battle with a girlfriend by the name of Sarah. Lacey had always stayed away from her next door neighbor, especially since he would lay down flowers and notes outside of her door and try anything he could to get Lacey to talk to him. God knows, the last thing she needed was another handsome playboys who would treat her like garbage.

night, however, the noise was too much to bear. When Lacey marched out of her house and knocked on his door she demanded that he and his girl, Sarah, quiet down. But while they continue to speak - Sarah rushes from the building while Jack offers a huge smile and tries once more to get Lacey to talk to him and become his…
good friend. Lacey’s heart beats wildly in her chest as she tries her best to ignore the handsome man and walk away - but when she re-enters her apartment she notices that Jack Walker’s cat (who goes by the name of Dog) is sitting in the middle of the living room making love to Cleo, impregnating the purebred animal.
Lacey gets very angry and sits down with Jack Walker - explaining to him that he is responsible for half the vet bills and finding a home for half the kittens once Cleo gives birth. As she begins talking to Jack on a regular basis, Lacey soon find out that Sarah is most definitely not a girlfriend who Jack fights with - but a sister he loves that he’s trying to convince to get rid of a boyfriend named Mark who Jack knows is hurting her behind her back.
The relationship that forms between Jack and Lacey helps to teach Lacey the courage she needs in order to stand up to her boss, get a raise for all the hard work she’s doing, and find a way to build her new life by forgetting the past.
As always, the brilliant Debbie Macomber writes a gorgeous story. This fun, romantic romp was first put out in 1994 and, thankfully, has been re-released to the public. This is the perfect novel for women to curl up at home and become immersed in a beautiful romance, and follow the wonderful story of a cat named Cleo that made her owner see, learn, and enjoy a second chance at love and life. Enjoy!

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