Author: Dr. John Diamond
Publisher: Paragon House
ISBN: 1-55778-281-4
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Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions shows you how to correct negative emotional states by thinking positive thoughts and saying positive affirmations. If you follow the program that is set out for you by John Diamond, M.D., he assures you that not only will you more easily be able to keep “in correct mental balance, both in terms of correcting your emotional states and balancing your cerebral hemispheres, thereby increasing your creativity.” Diamond recommends that, by practicing a few simple techniques, which should take up no more than a few minutes of your day, you can make huge strides in achieving positive health and optimum life energy.
The main portion of Life Energy is split up into three different sections: “The Goal”, “The Thymus” and “The Acupuncture Meridians”. After emphasizing the importance of keeping life energy high and the energy systems of the body in balance, Diamond explores the role played by the thymus
in our well-being, showing how our emotions can have either a positive or a negative effect on the functioning of the organ. Diamond reveals how, by making simple attitudinal changes, we are able to have a positive influence upon the thymus, making it more active, balanced and properly functioning. The advice that Diamond gives is rational and logical. In his typical pragmatic and down-to-earth manner, he shows how we can solve problems by making the right choices and how we can use visualization exercises to achieve the maximum benefit.  

The acupuncture meridians are explored as they relate to the twelve psychological meridian types. The origins of both our weaknesses, such as disdain, contempt and haughtiness, and our strengths, such as generosity and forgiveness, are revealed in relation to the meridians, so that we can learn how to minimize the former and maximize the latter. This section of Life Energy is especially well illustrated, with many black-and-white photographs and a pivotal “Meridian Test Points” chart. In addition to teaching you how to determine your own predominant emotional attitudes, as well as those of anyone with whom you come into contact, Diamond also provides a daily program for life energy that will enable you to enjoy a more healthy, harmonious life.
Life Energy should appeal to anyone who wishes to enjoy life more and to gain greater control over their emotions so that they can maximize not only their own sense of well-being, but also their relations with those around them. The exercises and programs that are recommended are well within the grasp of the average individual, and are accessibly presented.   

Click Here To Purchase Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions