Author: Dr. John Diamond
Publisher: Enhancement Books
ISBN: 1890995258

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In The Remothering Experience: How to Totally Love, Dr. John Diamond shows how, at the core of all being, is the love of a mother for her child. By tearing us asunder from the womb at birth, our introduction into the new alien world of our physical surroundings in this world is, essentially, so brutal that it is only in overcoming such a disruption of our equanimity that we are fully able to restore our connection with the essential and primary life-force.
Diamond reveals to us his own childhood experiences, during which he underwent hospitalization and separation anxiety from his own parents. He also shares with us his responses to his maternal grandmother, who, despite her own physical ill-health, nevertheless provided a sanctuary and “secret cave”
to which he could retreat, knowing that in her inner sanctum there would always be love, peace and serenity. His strong identification with his female relations no doubt positioned him to appreciate, in later life and with his extensive psychiatric and preventive medicine training, the importance of the nurturing woman in all our lives.

Diamond’s sensitivity to a range of media is reflected in his use of art and poetry in healing exercises. For instance, he describes how, in therapeutic encounters, having clients look at three stick-figures of mother, father and child can be used to test the strength of the bond with the mother. A few select quotations and verses from such spiritually attuned poets as George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins deepen the reader’s awareness of the divine in everyday life.
What might so easily be rendered esoteric and difficult to comprehend by other experts in the field, Diamond renders consistently comprehensible and accessible. On first coming to Diamond’s work, one need not be afraid that it is deliberately obtuse and obfuscating—despite being a highly qualified professional, the author goes out of his way to make what he has to say understandable to all who are open to learning more about themselves and how they can relate better to the world in which they live. I would even go so far as to recommend The Remothering Experience: How to Totally Love as an ideal gift for a wife, mother or grandmother, despite its slightly unprepossessing format (a slender volume with a pink cover that merely bears the title of the work and the author’s name). The importance of the message that it contains is of such key importance to all of us that the readership should, in fact, be wide. In the unloving world in which we live, is it not essential, for our own sense of well-being that we maximize our potential to love and be loved?          

Click Here To Purchase The Remothering Experience : How To Totally Love