Author: Dr. John Diamond
Publisher: Warner Books  
ISBN: 0446911186

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In this self-help manual, Dr. John Diamond urges the need for us all to take back the responsibility for being well. The author tells of how his close working relationship with his colleague, Dr. Goodheart, expert in the field of Applied Kinesiology, impacted on his own work, by enabling him to practice medicine democratically. Diamond’s own research and practice led, in time, to the separate but related discipline of Behavioral Kinesiology (BK), an integration of psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, Kinesiology, preventive medicine, and the humanities, on which Your Body Doesn’t Lie is based.
In unpacking what he has learned from his own experiences with patients in the field, Diamond shows how we ourselves can determine
the extent to which we allow various factors in our environment and in our life-style to affect our body energy. He suggests how we can replace many of our current energy-depleting activities with ones that are energy-enriching. He also advises us on how we can modify or counteract the effect of those life-sapping factors that we cannot totally avoid.

Starting with a discussion of the importance of the thymus gland as the seat of our Life Energy, Diamond reveals how stress can affect cerebral balance. In order to overcome the deleterious effects of negative stress upon our bodies, he offers some simple techniques to counteract such results. Taking several everyday objects, such as sunglasses and ice water, he shows how they can weaken one’s Life Energy if they are used improperly and suggests alternative modes of use that can, instead, be life-enhancing.
Diamond shows how beneficial most music and the sounds of nature can be. Not only does he list those conductors who have led exceptionally long and healthy lives, but he also traces the therapeutic value of music back through history to the early writings of the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and Hindus. Diamond warns against the consumption of life-draining foods, such as artificial, highly refined, and processed foods, urging us to strive to eat that which is healthy and “live”. Lastly, he concludes with how we can gain the most from correctly aligning our posture.
Your Body Doesn’t Lie: Unlock the Power of Your Natural Energy! is a short self-help manual on how to restore your body to its maximum potential. All the advice that Diamond gives is possible, if not always easy, to follow. Illustrated with several black-and-white photographs and drawings, the text is accessible and a pleasure to read. It is highly recommended for all those who wish to assert their right to health and well-being to the full.    

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