Author: Philip Shepherd
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 978-1-55643-911-7

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Philip Shepherd, at the start of his book New Self, New World:  Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century, reveals that the role of a hero is to respond to the call to adventure, which opens him up to an expanded reality. On his return, his task then is “not to threaten his society, nor to take it over tyrannically with his new found perspective, nor to abandon it; his task is to bring his new perspective back to be integrated in such a way that the society’s
self-definition loosens and shifts to accommodate what it has hitherto excluded.” Shepherd’s work, too, has much in it of the same heroic quest that seeks, based on the expanding of his own horizons through cross-cultural experiences that he first encountered in his youth, to inspire those among us who are not mired in the trivialities and mundane nature of our everyday worldly experience to strive for the unification of mind and spirit in our approach to our surroundings and to one another,

Shepherd grounds his work in Deep Ecology thinking, in terms of which he stresses that personal growth entails our broadening of our sensitivities to include all that is in our environs, in such a way that the self comes to so closely associate itself with the whole that our entire cosmos can be re-created. In Shepherd’s emphasis on the urgent need for integrity of self within the broader spectrum of all mankind, he explores an astounding range of subjects which he himself traversed over the space of an entire decade. Such subjects include neuroscience, physics, psychology, history, spirituality and anthropology. And it is not only in the more esoteric or intellectual that Shepherd excels. In keeping with his holistic outlook and inspirational and hard-won insights, he fittingly, throughout his text, incorporates exercises, illustrated with black-and-white photographs, which he intends the reader to use as their point of departure in breaking free from the physical entrapment of the body.
Shepherd’s work is incisive in the overview that it presents of wide-ranging theories and belief systems, to which his extensive notes and comprehensive index bear witness. His passion for adventure and exploration bear out in the broadness and humanity of his vision. Through all, he never loses sight of the end goal: to inspire each one of us to strive for a more just and harmonious world. Never pontifical, always accessible, Shepherd enlightens and uplifts us so that we will all try harder for a nobler and more compassionate awareness of the globe and all that is in it.     

Click Here To Purchase New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century