Author: John Hastings
ISBN:  978-0-9826202-8-1
Publisher: Draw 3 Lines Publishing
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The Drawing Breakthrough Book (3rd edition) is an excellent guide for both new and seasoned illustrators. The spiral bound format allows for easy access without any struggles in propping the book up while participating in the exercises.
The book includes three parts, a conclusion and a list of recommended reading. In Part One you will learn the magic of seeing lines and shapes, how to build a drawing from the line up, and ways to draw challenging subjects using just lines.
In Part Two, author John Hastings will direct you on how to use your sense of balance as you create points of reference. In this section of the book you will discover how to master circular, straight, elliptical lines and much more.
the final segment in
The Drawing Breakthrough Book (3rd edition) you will discover how to draw beyond the building-block lines and learn to see an eye for artistic composition. Mr. Hastings includes still-life drawing exercises allowing you an opportunity to apply all new skills learned.
Each and every illustration and artwork provides clarity to the easy to follow instructions. Every paragraph is precisely placed in a simple to read format. The Drawing Breakthrough Book (3rd edition) is an interesting and enjoyable read.  A very helpful guide for any person wanting to learn a few tricks of the trade.
Frustrated with the drawing lessons he was taking in 1998 John Hastings began simplifying the process of learning to draw. He was motivated by his belief that there was a missing link in the usual approach. Influenced by the writings of positive reinforcement trainer Karen Pryor, he became fascinated with the possibilities for breaking drawing skills into small, achievable steps. In The Drawing Breakthrough Book, he combines years of research and experimentation with his passion for drawing to create a unique system for learning how to draw.
Mr. Hastings has earned a bachelor's degree in liberal arts, an associate degree in electronics, and a certificate in technical communications. He has also been a tennis and guitar instructor, as well as a ballroom dance teacher's assistant.

 Click Here To Purchase The Drawing Breakthrough Book: Drawing Made Easier for Everyone