Author: Philip F. Margo
Publisher: Eloquent Books
ISBN-10: 1608600114:  ISBN-13: 978-1608600113
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The Null Quotient is an imaginative, thought-provoking Sci-Fi novel by an author with an interesting pedigree. Back in the ‘60s, Philip Margo was a founding member of The Tokens, the doo-wop singing group with such hits as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”  While The Null Quotient may be a long way from intricate vocal harmonies, the book does have a layered approach to story telling that’s as engaging and entertaining as any Top 10 musical chart topper.
First, the story opens with skilled pilot Ahneevah in battle witnessing the apocalyptic end of her world.  A million millennia later, she’s discovered in her spacecraft by archeologist Zack Carver and his former student, attorney Leslee Myles. In short order, Ahneevah and her ship demonstrate extraordinary abilities, and they’re needed.  For one matter, bio-terrorists are out to destroy humanity, a rogue administration is trying to take over the U.S., and para-military operatives are trying to seek out and destroy the super-human woman they think is an alien from another planet. Then there’s sociopathic Dax Wolf who’s looking for the secrets behind the remarkable alien ship. Most fearsome of all are “The Custodians,” a group of “Supreme Beings” who’ve destroyed civilizations on earth 28 times before as previous life forms here had reached their doom point. Humanity in the 21st Century, the 29th Configuration of life on earth, is reaching that point as well—unless the ancient being named Ahneevah and her two human friends can find a way to convince the “Custodians” that humanity has enough merit to warrant a second chance.
 What drives this tale is the apparent considerable scientific research Margo must have conducted to give all these matters credibility. At times, the narrative perhaps bogs down as nearly every question a reader might ask is answered in very detailed conversations between the characters. How do you account for a being and her craft surviving for so long, repair themselves so quickly, not to mention heal mere mortals with but a touch? Margo doesn’t play mystical slight-of-hand—he provides plausible reasons for how it’s all done.
One novel game Margo plays is the use of classic Sci-Fi movie, film, and book titles in the titles for each episode—Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Stranger in a Strange Land. At the end of the book, Margo explains these are nods to projects that have inspired him, although there are no direct connections between any of these classic endeavors and the story he’s telling. These titles simply give the reader something else to think about as they move through time, across dimensions, and into a future we can hope won’t happen.
The Null Quotient is Sci-Fi for intelligent readers who like action-adventure, good character development, a fresh approach, strong female leads, and surprises on nearly every page.  And those who’ll eagerly await the obvious sequel to come . . .
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