Author: James E. Duffy
ISBN: 978-1-936343-14-0
Publisher: the Peppertree Press, LLC.

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I enjoyed reading this book.  It’s a fun and emotional read, written with affection by the owner of two adventurous Jack Russell terriers, Emmy & Endy.  Anyone who loves dogs or animals would appreciate the sentiments in the book.  It’s a children’s book, but I found it was fun to read as an adult, and it would be the perfect book to read along with a small child.
The illustrations are beautiful.  

The first 8 or 9 poems are written as if the are dogs narrating their own adventures.  Emmy (Ms. Eminence) and Endy (Ms. Endymion) travelled with James E. Duffy during the 15 years he was president of the ABC Television Network, and he documented their adventures in verse form.

After the terriers died, he collected the poems together and added some extra poems about how sad he felt at the loss of the dogs, and about the joy of taking home a new Jack Russell called Alfie.
Emmy and Endy’s adventures include flying on an aeroplane, riding on a tractor, scaring away a burglar, and visiting a vet.  There are some laugh out loud moments.  Each poem is illustrated, and there are also photographs of the dogs in the book.

Emmy and Endy died within 15 days of each other, and the author has written a few poems about how he felt about their passing.  These are sad, but written in a sensitive and uplifting style.
The love that the author had for the dogs shines through in the poetry, and it’s a wonderful tribute to them.

The book ends on a positive note, with the author finding a new Jack Russell to welcome into his home.  There is a little song at the end of the book dedicated to the dogs.
I’m sure children will love listening to the little dogs’ adventures and looking at the drawings and photographs.

Click Here To Purchase The Adventures of Emmy and Endy and Alfie Duffy, Too!