Author: Robert Jameson:

ISBN: 10: 1600374670:   ISBN: 13: 978-1600374678

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In The Keys to Joy-Filled Living, Marriage and Family Therapist Robert Jameson provides insightful, useful and practical advice to help readers realize exactly what is blocking them from living happier lives. The Keys to Joy-Filled Living is presented in a straight-forward, methodical way. Readers first learn how to identify their feelings through an awareness process. Then Jameson provides guidance so the reader can take practical steps to address these feelings. The author provides useful tools to help the reader through this process.

Jameson takes the reader through a series of steps that he feels are necessary in order to achieve joyfulness. These steps make sense in the way they are presented and discussed. One could surmise that Jameson has had much success taking his patients through this process. He provides plenty of examples and scenarios to help us implement this process in our own lives. Jameson does acknowledge that there are other effective processes that readers could use to reap the same rewards; however, this is the one with which Jameson is comfortable and knowledgeable.

After the five steps are discussed in detail, Jameson explores significant aspects that could keep people from leading joy-filled lives. He challenges the reader to explore old patterns that may be keeping them stuck and then provides the keys to getting “unstuck.” We look at boundaries, depression, anxiety, family issues and healing hurtful memories. Jameson focuses a large portion of the book on relationships as well.

Jameson also provides unique insight into behaviors that might be making the reader unhappy. For example, he informs us of the real meaning of the word “resentment” breaking it down so the reader can see how harboring resentments can be harmful to the reader himself as he sends himself the same bitter messages over and over. Significant information like this is presented over and over throughout the book. And Jameson writes in a compelling style that holds the reader’s interest. He never once speaks in an over-your-head manner and, even though a variety of psychological and emotional issues are discussed, the book is very easy to understand.

The author provides a wealth of examples and processes to help us implement his advice into our lives. There is nothing better than coming away from reading a self-help book with concrete and definitive steps to apply to changing old behaviors, letting go of old patterns and living a joy-filled life as a result.

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