Author: Jenny Smedley
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 978-1-84850-204-8

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Have you ever felt an unexpected breeze on a dead calm day, had a feather flutter down on you far away from any visible bird, or detected a pattern of incidents that seems unexpectedly cohesive in an otherwise scatty day? You might just have become aware of the presence of an angel. Don’t be afraid, Jenny Smedley says, but open yourself up to the heart stirrings of an angel, which, according to her, in her latest book Everyday Angels: How to Find Your Angelic Guardians, are omnipresent in our lives, as long as we are willing to open ourselves up to their presence in our environs. And, don’t worry, they are, unlike fairies, not bent on self-destruction if we deny their existence, for, despite their being transient and ethereal beings, they are very much part of the reality of our everyday lives.
In this encouraging and motivational work, Smedley shares with us the fact that, no matter your culture or your religion, angels are, inevitably, part of your cosmos. Having as her primary audience those of us who would love to believe in angels, if only there were, indeed, such beings, she reminds us very clearly that there indeed have been, are, and will continue to be, angels, no matter what their form. Her explanation for their presence, like the rest of the book, is so simple and straightforward
that it rings out clear and true: “There have to be angels, for if all prayers and pleas for help went directly to God, well, then chaos might ensue.” For the more scientifically aware, the idea of lack of chaos might be somewhat daunting, but for those among us who are open to faith-based experience, this work is an ideal read for those who are yearning for hope in a trouble-torn world. In Jenny’s own words: “The truth is that angels love us unconditionally and will help us in any way they can, no matter what our status in the world.”     

The topics that Jenny covers in this book are diverse and wide-ranging, including the more traditional guardian angels, of which most of us are made aware as we are growing up, to dream and animal angels (the latter of which, being the animal-lover that I am, are my personal favorites). Smedley has gleaned much of her material from people all over the world who have been encouraged to share their tales of the personal encounters that they have had with such heaven-sent beings. She, herself, has also experienced a number of occasions on which she has been subject to life-saving and life-changing angel visitations.
Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter, international columnist and spiritual consultant. Her unique gifts to create unique, personal angel portraits, from which she does readings, have enabled her to promote her belief in such beings in an Angel Portrait Column in Soul and Spirit and an Angel Reading column in Love It! Magazine in the UK, as well as in a number of other columns. No matter your age, as long as you are sincere and honest in your approach to life’s many wisdoms, you should find Everyday Angels: How to Find Your Angelic Guardians both life-enhancing and elevating. Feel truly blessed–obtain a copy for yourself, and keep it with you at all times. It works for me!

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