Author:  Victoria Alexander
ISBN:  978-1-4201-1705-9

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Dear Readers:
This #1 New York Times Bestselling author has proven many a time that her amazing intelligence and wonderful wit appeals to millions and millions of readers.  This newest offering is no exception.  With the thousands upon thousands of romance, historical, and British novels, Ms. Alexander is still the only writer that can weave all the genres together to form a perfect literary quilt.
In this new novel we're introduced first to Lady Hermione Middlebury, who is penning her memoirs in order to leave the slightly scandalous story of her life to the generations coming up behind her.  She knows for a fact that her own children will not be interested in hearing about their Mom.  After all, she was a bit too free with her love and laughter in a time when women were supposed to be quiet, calm, and the perfect wife for a well-to-do Lord.  Lady Hermione, however, makes no apologies for the life she's led.  In fact, she's grateful and somewhat triumphant with the choices she's made and the life of romance and adventure she's led.
years later Hermione's great Granddaughter, Lady Julia Winterset, finds herself with full ownership of Lady Middlebury's memoirs.  Julia is a lovely woman whose beloved husband passed on at an early age and, unfortunately, didn't leave any finances behind to support Julia and the household staff.  So Julia embarks on trying with all her might to get her great grandmother's memoirs published.  In that way, she can receive royalties for the rest of her days and support herself without taking a husband for purely financial reasons.  Her best friends are Portia and Veronica, two other widows who, unlike Julia, are women with money and want to give her some to keep her head above water.  But Julia refuses.  she has been told by the handsome publisher that the old memoirs are extremely scandalous and will definitely sell big.

However, Veronica's brother-in-law Harrison, a very strait-laced man who reminds the reader of Mr. Darcy, does not want the book on the market.  His father is mentioned in one of Lady Middlebury's chapters, and he wants to spare his father and the family any embarrassment or pain.  When he enlists the help of his annoying sister-in-law to get him "in" with Lady Julia so he can find a way to keep her from publishing, the fun and romance really begin.
The conversations between the characters are extremely charming, and watching Harrison turn from a pompous, egocentric, dull man to one who engages in sarcasm and jokes when he's around Lady Julia is beyond entertaining.  Add in a ghost who wants nothing more than to set Julia up with Harrison, and a grandmother who pretends to be insane so that others will leave her be, and the story takes off in all different directions keeping the reader on their toes the whole way. 
This romance is a book that will appeal to everyone...Victoria Alexander has, most definitely, struck gold again! 

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