Author:  Susan Fox
ISBN:  978-0-7582-5929-5

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Dear Readers:
Jenna Fallon wants nothing to do with commitment or rules of any kind.  She's the type of tough cookie who just wants to be free and basically left alone.  Orders, especially, are not her thing.  Living the life of a hippie is fun for Jenna, even though she comes from a long line of overachievers.  When she's on her way to her sister's wedding, Jenna takes the adventure happily.  The wind through her hair, she drives fast up the California Coast and never even realizes that this one trip will change her life forever.
Jenna's car takes an absolute nosedive and she finds herself stranded on the beautiful highway, until a man pulls over and offers her his help.  Dr. Mark Chambers is what someone like Jenna, on the outside, would call a complete nerd; he's extremely quiet and pulled into himself.  As a marine biologist, he is much more comfortable dealing with his underwater friends than he is
with women...of any kind. least, that's what he looks like to Jenna.

As they end up taking a leg of Jenna's journey together, Jenna at first enjoys the slight teasing she does with Mark, and becomes partial to his awkward looks and quiet contemplation.  What she doesn't realize at the beginning is that Dr. Mark already knows what it's like to live in a world of change.  He actually is a lot like Jenna in the fact that his location and his girlfriends change a great deal.  He'is much more comfortable living the life of a hermit and doesn't believe in rules or the normal emotions that people seem to get locked falling in love.
Their journey turns into an adventure that's beyond hot as they spend days and nights that include camping, skinny-dipping, and getting to know each other...intimately, yet the emotions that they churn up inside each other seem to be moving over the line of free adult happiness into the strange and completely new world of commitment and love.  When the trip is over and the destination is reached, Jenna and Dr. Mark will have to deal with "the end," and whether or not they can actually call it over and walk away.
The spirit of these characters is a great deal of fun to delve into.  The reader not only gets to watch the love form between the two, but the extremely passionate scenes make you wish with all your heart that when your car broke down and the day has turned bad, that a Dr. like this would pull up to save the your life...and steal your heart.  The writing is absolutely...delicious.  Enjoy!

Click Here To Purchase His, Unexpectedly (Brava Contemporary Romance)