Author:  Jeanne Mellin   

ISBN: 978-0-9831138-0-5

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Dear Readers:
This re-release of a popular story from the 1950’s is fantastically illustrated by famed equine artist Jeanne Mellin, and offers a heartfelt story of a young girl and her discovery of the path of her dreams.
Cindy Sawyer has one thing on her mind at all times…horses.  She dreams and fantasizes about all types of the fantastical creatures; from the golden palominos who thunder across the pastures, their hooves pounding on the earth with the power and beauty that Heaven bestowed upon them; to the dappled-gray bays and the beautiful pintos snorting and rearing under the sunlight like dancers standing center stage as they perform to a cheering crowd.  Cindy can barely focus on school or friends’, seeing as that the daydreaming takes over her every waking hour.  What Cindy does have, however, is a beloved pony by the name of Pigeon.  Pigeon – or, Pidgy, for short – is a small Shetland mare who spends most of her time grazing in the pasture without a care in the world.
When our story begins, Cindy is once again sitting on the fence and staring at Pidgy.  Although she really loves her pony, Cindy still has the strong desire to be the owner of a huge horse and not a somewhat woolly teddy bear that others in town tease her about.  She begs and begs her parents to buy her a grand animal, but Mom and Dad are adamant that Pidgy is enough and that someday,
when Cindy gets older, she will have many horses, and can wait until then.

Cindy is tired of hearing the wise-cracks from her friends about Pidgy – her slightly ragged coat and odd coloring – and seems to find fault with her best equine friend over everything she is and especially all that she’s not.  As spring turns into summer, Cindy rides Pidgy around town and over to nearby Greenwood Farm to check out the Thoroughbreds.  This favorite place of Cindy’s allows her to be close to the fillies and colts racing around the paddocks, while watching her friend Pete train Sis – a red-coated chestnut who is a fantastic jumper – to soar over the obstacles in the center ring.  As Pete, a rather snooty girl named Alice who thinks she knows everything about horses, and the rest of the townspeople get ready for the Country Club Horse Show, Cindy becomes more and more depressed that she can only enter the “small” competitions.  Cindy so wants Pidgy to be able to do what the big horses do, and even sets up her very own obstacle course which Pidgy has absolutely no interest in jumping over.
As the Horse Show approaches, Cindy gets more and more despondent about the fact that she has a pony that no one will ever admire.  But when a trophy is won, and poor Pidgy disappears, Cindy all of a sudden realizes what she had in her beloved friend and is desperate to find her and bring her home.  The surprise that awaits Cindy is truly out of the blue, and her future path becomes clear as day…decided by her very best friend.
This tale is not only sweet, but the lessons taught in the story are absolutely fantastic for any child or adult.  You really don’t know what you have until its gone; the immense hard work you have to do in order to achieve your dream; and, most importantly, looking for something “better” will lead you to see that you already have the best!
Whether a horse enthusiast or not, this book is a loving, kind story with a huge amount of heart.  Not to mention the gorgeous illustrations are something that both children and adults will absolutely love.  Enjoy!

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