Authors: Sherry Black and Everett Buss
Publisher: Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-1589851108

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Ahhh, love-stories … they make such a lovely connection to the soul. And stories about artists who they engage their art with passion … they have the ability to transport others to the world of wonder, awe and the sacred. This is the love story of two artists – gifted photographer, Sherry Black and exquisite lapidary artist, Everett Buss - who share a passion for and love of crystals and welcome readers to a unique encounter with the Divine. Sherry’s passion is photographing the magic inside Brazilian Quartz Crystals. Everett’s passion is similar to another santero (artists who see and release images inside stone or wood): Michaelangelo. Buss sees images inside the quartz crystals and releases them in a breathtakingly beautiful way.

While there are many gemstones, the quartz crystal is the most recognized and is said to have healing properties because of its ability to clear away negative energy and clarify spiritual/mental/physical stressors. Science reminds us that matter is composed of energy that vibrates so not surprisingly, the subtle ability of gemstones to alter vibrational patterns of energy makes their use in healing significant. Sherry and Everett are believers in this form of healing and have entwined their love of crystals with their respective artistic art forms. The little 32 page 5” by 7 ½” book of glorious photographs presented in its unique postcard format with this accompanying DVD is magical.

Awe-inspiring images of gardens and crystals in the postcards encourage the suspension of time and offer an experience of inner peace. The artistic display of creation and the tranquil sounds of nature in the DVD shift the mind from left brain ‘thinking’ to right brain ‘feeling’.

Short phrases on the back of the postcards invite thoughtful reflection and are an unexpected gift. The words on the back of the photograph of a quartz crystal rainbow fracture e.g. “The fractures in our life complete the colors of our wholeness.”

This is a delightful and unique little book and recommended for those wanting to engage the holy in a unique way.

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