Author: Carolyn Jewel

ISBN: 9780446563864

Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

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When not writing, award-winning author Carolyn Jewel is a Database Administrator. Other titles under historical romances include: Indiscreet, Scandal, The Spare, Lord Ruin, Passion's Song and Stolen Love. Other titles under paranormal romance include: A Darker Crimson, My Wicked Enemy, My Forbidden Desire, and My Dangerous Pleasure (coming June 2011). Carolyn resides in northern California with her son, three cats, a border collie, several chickens, and some sheep.

Anna "Gray" Spencer is determined to destroy the mage who ruined her life. But when her first attempt fails, Gray is now forced to seek help from a feared demon and trained assassin, Durian. Her new magic is barely under control, and she has not adjusted to being thrown from the human world into the demon realm. But she'll do whatever it takes to seek revenge on Christophe dit Menart, even if it means surrendering to a fiend whose very presence screams sex. Except Durian is sworn to protect all mages, and failing means upsetting the peace among humans, demons, and mages. He agrees to help Gray if she submits to his control. As Gray's powers intensify, so does the hunger between them. But the dark mage has secrets about Gray's past, and when he makes a play for her, Gray and Durian must become one or Christophe will end them both.

I thoroughly enjoyed one of the other books in this series, My Forbidden Desire, when I reviewed it, and I was very much looking forward to this one. Though part of a series, these books are stand alone. The author also has a glossary of sorts on all the terminology used to define her world.

I wasn't let down by this book. This whole series has a wicked, captivating punch to it. Not only are we escaping to a paranormal world, but the human emotions and backgrounds add a seriously powerful undertone of sadness. It makes the books hard to put down. Paranormal is difficult to write, and I have to bow down to any author able to make the unimaginable seem real. The secondary characters, both from previous books and upcoming releases, really added nicely to the storyline. Most impressive was the heroine, Gray, who was not the usual bad ass, beautiful woman we tend to see. Her flaws and insecurities made me root for her. Highly recommended.

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