Author:  Louise Marley
ISBN:  978-0-7582-4212-9

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Dear Readers:
Now THIS is a vampire book!  If you’re expecting a slow-paced, gooey-romance you will be disappointed, because this author has offered a fantastically rich, dramatic story of the undead that will grab you by the throat from the very first page…and not let go.  A wonderful fact about this novel is that the story’s actual inspiration was the life of Teresa Saporiti, who was an Italian soprano back in the 1700’s who is most famous for creating the role of Donna Anna in Mozart’s famous opera, Don Giovanni
Octavia Voss is our ingénue in this powerful story.  Octavia was turned into a night stalker by a Czechoslovakian aristocrat and has fended for herself for quite a while.  Of course the young girl wanted nothing to do with the taking of lives but has tried to come to terms with the fact that for eternal life she does need the hideous human nectar.
Octavia’s “rise” to the top, as she was trying to explain to others why she looked so young yet had the voice of a mature singer with hundreds of years behind her, she floated into Mozart’s life…and took his away from him, leaving the master to finally leave the earth in hideous pain because of the fact that he could never bring himself to harm another living soul.

In 1906, in San Francisco, Octavia meets up with a frightening man named Ugo who is basically a Sicilian werewolf who wants nothing more than to protect the young opera singer.  Life gets better and better for Octavia; the power, intelligence, and artistic genius of Mozart is part of her blood, and she rides the wave of brilliance through each and every generation.  The ageless, graceful, beautiful singer seems to have all she could possibly want between the amazing artist living in her soul, to the strange and somewhat terrifying Ugo who haunts the streets to bring back the elixir that his beloved muse needs.
When Octavia’s secret is seemingly uncovered by a snooty ego-driven baritone in the twenty-first century, Octavia’s perfect “lives” begin to unravel.  Not only is her secret compromised, but her mighty guard Ugo disappears – kidnapped in order to break Octavia once and for all.
Again, this is one of those dramatic, fantastical stories that come along once in a blue moon. The shifts between past and present – from century to century – are intriguing, but absolutely seamlessly written so that there is no confusion whatsoever.  The locations are drawn so magically that readers will almost feel the pure genius of Mozart flooding their own veins as the orchestra comes to life for the duration of this haunting novel.
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