Author:  Drusilla Campbell
ISBN:  978-0-7582-0535-3

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This is truly an unbelievably inspirational story that readers will never forget.  The amazing tales that Ms. Campbell already has under her belt including The Good Sister, Blood Orange and Wildwood have already proven to the reading public that she is a powerful force behind the telling of family situations, and has the unique gift of being able to intricately weave the incredible emotions that come from close-knit relationships.  With this newest offering, we are swept up into the world of a heartbroken mom who is doing her absolute best to get through the worst situation of her life, and take care of her two daughters in the process.
Lana Porter could be the poster child for happiness.  She is one of those women who absolutely have it all.  In fact, her life is so perfect it could be a Normal Rockwell painting.  She and Jack have a wonderful marriage.  Not only do they have a financially thriving business but their two teenage daughters are actually fairly happy and calm…well, for teenagers. 
They certainly have the normal amount of angst that all teens suffer but Beth and Micki are more than mildly happy with their “normal” childhood.

One extremely dark day Jack is taken from the girls’ lives and Lana goes into a tailspin.  Everything that was once interesting to her becomes a thing of the past.  The enjoyment she used to get from their business is gone, and all the hope and dreams that she had evaporate.  As she slowly brings herself out of the horrific depression, what she finds when she completely “wakes up” from the nightmare are two girls who have changed dramatically.
Beth has said goodbye to all her longtime friends and is now spending her time in a downtown condo with a brand new “face” in town who seems to like nothing more than getting high as much as she possibly can.  Micki, Lana’s adopted daughter, has turned into a kid who never shows up for school and is constantly depressed because a sorority has rejected her.  What Micki and Lana don’t know, though, is that Micki’s birth father is about to show up in their lives and unleash a story that will leave Micki star-struck and wanting to leave her family in order to live a glamorous life.
As the siblings turn away from each and run farther away from their mom, Lana finds help and does everything within her power to heal herself in order to heal the gaping wound that has fractured her family to pieces.
The mother/daughter bond is what truly carries this story.  As a single parent with a daughter I completely understand the powerful bond that exists.  This book offers wonderful lessons that teach all parents that it’s okay to stumble and fall in life because, in the end, when you pick yourself back up and dust yourself off, a true family can be brought back together.  A touching, dramatic, fantastic read!  Enjoy!
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