Author: Nancy Brook
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing

The story of one woman’s journey to reconnect with herself.  A story told from the heart with a refreshing honesty.  In her early forties, Nancy Brook finds herself feeling as though something is missing from her life.  She feels certain that finding Mr. Right would be the solution to her problems, but after a string of unsuccessful dates and broken relationships, she is disillusioned.  Once married, now a single mother, her daughter away studying, Nancy finds herself alone.  One of her passions is cycling, and she had always wanted to visit France.  Somehow that youthful dream of visiting the faraway picturesque country had escaped her as she climbed the career ladder and brought up her daughter. Wanting to get away from the monotony of her life, she decides to sign up for a cycling trip across France.  We follow Nancy on her journey through France.  

Nancy resolves to make the most of her trip to the country she has always dreamed of visiting, and along the way she takes many photographs (some are included in the book), talks to many of the French people she meets along the way, and tries to immerse herself in the culture.  During her journey, she begins to become more comfortable being alone, less judgmental of other people’s life choices, and her own problems are put into perspective.  By the end of the tour she feels rejuvenated.  Her view of life has shifted.  She begins to appreciate her own life so much more.
The tour across France is over 700 miles by bike, including some of the steepest mountains, some of which are tackled by professional cyclists along the route of the Tour de France.  Nancy Brook’s story includes interesting historical detail about each town that is visited on the tour.  Also, there is information on the wines of France.  There are many tips included in the book for people who would like to follow in her footsteps and undertake such an adventure, including what type of gear a cyclist should take, camping and climbing tips.

There are many words of wisdom scattered throughout the book, things that the author has learnt from her journey through life.  Her French adventure opened her mind to the world of possibilities waiting for her outside the everyday mundane matters that she had become used to focusing on.  
This memoir reminds us all that it is good to stop once in a while and take a look around and appreciate the gifts we have been given, rather than concentrating on what we don’t have.
An insightful and inspirational book.