Author:  Tim Tharp
ISBN:  978-0-375-86444-5

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Bobby is a king…a god…the complete and utter image of a bad boy who everyone in town seems to love.  Now, he doesn’t exactly do anything really wrong, he is more like the Robin Hood of the county – taking from the snotty, uptight ones and giving to the weak and defenseless.  He’s not a bully – Bobby just doesn’t like to see someone get annihilated simply because a jerk wants to pick on them that day.
His younger sister’s name is Ceejay and there is no one on the face of the earth who looks up to Bobby more than she does.  Bobby seems to be Ceejay’s life.  She’s not exactly a gorgeous teenager and she is definitely not high on the popularity meter at her school, but being the sister of the most beloved boy around certainly helps her get through life.  Not only that, but her brother’s kind heart has always loved and accepted Ceejay; despite all her faults; he really understands and loves her.
one thing Ceejay has waited for is for Bobby to come back home from his last tour in Iraq.  They were inseparable for so long that she can’t wait to see him and talk to him again – so they can catch up on everything that’s been going on in her life – bad and good.  But, suddenly, everything in Ceejay’s life becomes extremely odd.

Bobby does come home, but he actually arrives earlier than expected.  Thankfully, he hasn’t been physically injured in any way but he’s…different.  It seems as if he doesn’t even want to talk to Ceejay anymore – yet alone the rest of the family.  The effervescent out-going brother that she knew has disappeared, and in this place is a quiet, melancholy, extremely strange brother who doesn’t even seem like he remembers Ceejay and, worse, doesn’t seem to want to. 
This amazingly written story shows readers the injury that comes from watching your comrades fall, and putting up with a horrific life in a world that can take you out at any minute – an enemy who is out there in the sand waiting for you to appear so that they can blow you to smithereens.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real injury, and many people suffer for life over the pictures they carry in their minds and the hurt and fear they carry with them in their hearts.  A great deal of time an emotional injury like this has been overlooked throughout history because it was simply invisible.  But PTSB is a very real and frightening disease that does, in fact, involve the losing of a very important limb…the spirit.
This is a compelling poignant story that will really have readers identifying with Ceejay’s plight, as she turns overnight from a teenager who has a very good life with a virtual icon that she looks up, to a young adult who is beyond confused and looking for answers as her world spins out of control.  Readers...this is a well-told story that looks into the travesty of justice that is happening to men and women all over the globe.  Buy this one!  You won’t regret it!

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