Author: Dan and Alison Zarrella
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 978-1-449-38848-5

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If you own your own business, can you afford to ignore or neglect an online market that consists of over 500 million active users, half of whom log in every day?  Hardly. Yet, unless you optimize your presence on Facebook, that is most probably what you are doing. In The Facebook Marketing Book, Dan and Alison Zarrella draw attention to the variety of tools and platforms that this social networking site provides for reaching users. The Zarrellas promise to take the reader through how you can use Facebook Ads, applications, Pages, and Events to help you create effective and profitable online campaigns.
The Zarrellas regard Facebook’s biggest selling point as being its active encouragement of users to fill their Profiles with the type of information marketers are always trying to find—all for free, which effectively means 500 million Profiles that you can use to get data about your target audience. Finding a Facebook
Page key to most social media marketing strategies, they stress that that will more than likely be the central point for most of your efforts and promotions. They, therefore, recommend that you invest serious setup time in Page customization. Readers are urged to see Pages as the key to your brand’s marketing on Facebook. Whether your goals are search presence, general awareness, customer service, or sales, they state that you need to take this social network seriously if you want your Page to succeed. You are then shown when and how to take advantage of Groups. The drawback of the proliferation of Event functions is revealed, as well as the advantage of their ease of use. These and several other topics are discussed in this highly accessible guide to how to manage your company’s information on Facebook.  

The Facebook Marketing Book exemplifies the best in how to make the most of online media for marketing your product. Organized in a logical and clearly signposted way, the work is well illustrated, with each page of text being accompanied by a full-page color shot of an example of the relevant Facebook feature. Each of the twelve chapters contains an introduction that provides an inviting overview of the chapter, while eleven of the chapters conclude with a neat synopsis of the preceding contents. The seven-and-a-half page four-column index is detailed and descriptive, facilitating ready access to the multitude of topics that fill the pages of this book.   
The Zarrellas both have extensive knowledge of social media. While Dan Zarrella has written extensively about the subject for a variety of popular industry blogs, Alison Zarrella has worked on Facebook marketing and content strategy with a variety of clients ranging from small local businesses to global brands. For anyone with a corporate image to project, The Facebook Marketing Book is an ideal work that should enable you quickly to gain the competitive edge on other entrepreneurs in your field of endeavor.

Click Here To Purchase The Facebook Marketing Book