Author: Judi Fennell

ISBN: 9781402241895

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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Even when author Judi Fennell was a child she had her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. Her mother would implore her to "Get outside," when all she wanted was to watch "Bewitched" or "I Dream of Jeannie" on television. Now she is an award-winning author and a three-time finalist in online contests after studying Spanish at Penn State. Titles in her Mer series include: In Over Her Head, Wild Blue Under, and Catch of a Lifetime. Genie Knows Best and Leave it to Genie follow this book in the series. She resides in Pennsylvania with her family.

Eden has spent most of her immortal life serving her many masters in the Service as a genie. As if that wasn't bad enough, she's spent the past two thousand years trapped in a bottle as punishment for something she's not sorry for. So when mortal Matt Ewing releases her from the bottle, she relishes her new found freedom. Matt's been trying to save his business, and Eden is more than willing to help. Except her magic is a little rusty, and her "mistakes" are becoming more than a little embarrassing. Worse, her freedom is only temporary, unless she can break the chains of magic holding her to service. But that too comes with a price, for someone is after her, and he's more powerful than either of them. And his motives mean much more than Eden's freedom, it could mean Matt's life.

First, the premise for this book seemed really cheesy and cliché to me, that is, before I actually read the book. Though not a lot of books have used this foundation, Judi Fennell was able to break a few of the norms we'd associate with genies and write a truly unique read. My only criticism is the few times we are in the antagonists head, Faruq, was kind of like reading a hilarious Stephen King segment, sporadic and unnecessary.

In saying that, I was sincerely pleased with how much I enjoyed this book. The quirky humor and character antics had me laughing from page one. It was a beautiful blend of humor, romance, and fantasy. Throw in a talking cat and an unruly baby dragon and you have yourself one heck of a ride. What I wasn't expecting is spending more time in the fantasy realm than the real one. Bravo. Nicely done and highly recommended.

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