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Jennifer Andrew

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By Jennifer Andrew
Published on January 20, 2011
Author: Stefan Petrucha


Author: Stefan Petrucha


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Without giving too much away, except to excite the reader, Stefan Petrucha begins the wild ride he calls Blood Prophecy. It's the horrific tale of a young man named Jeremiah Fall who stumbles upon a mound of earth with his father Nathan, while they plow the field.  Unknown to them, they release something that changes the course of Jeremiah's life.

Written in third person, in the eyes of the main character, Jeremiah becomes a soldier back in October 1799 as a means of making a journey to salvation.  He led a hard life as a farmer and when he becomes a vampire, his whole world turns around, but not in the traditional gothic stories you are used to.  His grandfather, Atticus, with demons of his own, helps him to bear the pain of his transformation.  Throughout the story, he tries to tame the beast within him while painstakingly trying to find answers as to what he has become

The prologue grabs you, sucks you into the story almost immediately, and gives you an outline as to how he fell into the hands of the enemy.  Then, in traditional storytelling, the character goes about immersing us into his tale of adventure.

Jeremiah is in a constant state of conflict as he battles his natural urges to feed on humans.  When he is exposed to an object he believes could answer all his questions, he risks his sanity and he tests the boundaries of his immortality to get to those answers.

The pace of the story moves fast enough to keep the reader's attention.  At every turn, Jeremiah is either getting involved with something way over his head or in a situation he didn't understand how to get himself out of, all the while trying to ignore the calling of his inner beast.

The story bears a lot of history and is read like a historical novel, in lessons of the French war with Napoleon and the British army but it's amazing how the story flows so well.  It is written in such a way that you can feel as if a real vampire was traveling with us during the course of our history and can even be written up in our history books.

I love the way Stefan makes the reader feel sorry for Jeremiah.  As a vampire, you may want the character to be punished for heinous crimes he commits.  However, you feel the pain Jeremiah experiences when he is caught in a decision that could come between his animal instincts and his hold on humanity.

I like the dark look of the book and the caption "The darkness that lasts forever….Man and Monster are in his blood."  This book is an excellent read and a definite addition to your collection of memorable fiction.

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