Author:  Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
ISBN:  978-0-385-73752-4

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It’s very difficult to be able to create a story, especially nowadays, that has a focus on vampires without reviewers saying, “That’s already been done.”  It seems as if everywhere we turn all we see is yet another ‘Bella and Edward’ book trying to become the next bestseller.  That’s why I am always extremely excited when I receive one of this author’s books in the mail.  For readers who don’t know, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has been writing a fascinating series called, The Den of Shadows.  In every single one of these books, she broaches a fantastical, mystical subject and creates a cast of characters that are not only interesting and fun to read, but also offer the suspense, romance, and mystery that other authors just can’t seem to master.
In this latest story, readers begin by sitting in a car with Adianna Vida (Adia), as she goes speeding down the road.  Adia is beyond upset about what’s taken place; her only sister, Sarah, has been torn from her side by two vampires named Nikolas and Kristopher.  Adia had to watch her sister perish and turn to the “dark” side – becoming a monster right before her eyes, and she has no idea how to handle what she knows is about to commence.