Author:  Maurissa Guibord
ISBN:  978-0-385-73891-0

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Yay!  Yay!  YA…YAY!  Need an explanation?  You bet.  I have been sent YA after YA novel and I have NEVER been so happy to read one in my life, as when I was sent Maurissa Guibord’s debut offering to the marketplace.  This woman knows her stuff, and I’m not kidding about this!  Creative with a capital A!  When we are first introduced to the characters the beauty of the writing alone makes the deliciously woven plot jump off the page.  Debut novelist?  I find this fact hard to believe.  Her descriptive passages alone make her a writer of at least twenty years and hundreds of best-selling novels.  So I ask you…do you want a YA fantasy that’s historical, romantic, fun, exciting, dangerous, suspenseful, and mystical WITHOUT the standard run-o’-the-mill vampire?  Than this is what you’ve been waiting for…a breath of fresh air!
In Portland, Maine, in the Old Port District, stands a brick three-story building that is perched above the working waterfront.  Inside this building, on the ground floor, is Brody’s Bookstore run by Tessa Brody and her loving father.  They’ve just returned from an auction where Tessa’s father bid on a lot of collectible books that he absolutely had to have.  Unfortunately, as the bid got higher and higher, Dad decided he didn’t want them as much as he thought.  Tessa, however, was shown the contents of one of the boxes that included an old book and a strange looking tapestry that had the picture of a unicorn embroidered in the center of an eerie forest scene.  Something…the sound of hoof beats and a voice echoing inside her mind jolted Tessa as she gazed at this strange find, and immediately bid for her father until the Brody’s became the “winners” of the mystical, ancient box.
Tessa is your regular teenager – a senior in high school who can’t seem to find anyone she even remotely wants to date or love because, let’s face it, she’s an unusual being who is way smarter than pretty much all of the boys in her school.  A tragic car accident took her mother from her a few years back, but her father is a loving, wonderful man who dotes on Tessa and is trying to get his life back in order so they can both move on to a happy future.
While we meet and greet Tessa, her family, and her best friend Opal, readers are also introduced to the world of 1500’s England and the youngest son of the Earl of Umbric.  William de Chaucy is a knight riding
on his horse, Hannibal, and thinking about his own life and how there are not many choices for him, being as that his older brother Hugh will be granted his father’s estate and all its holdings.  William can enter the service, the monastery, or marry a wife of good breeding and money to carry on the family name.  None of these options is something he’s interested in.  When he suddenly sees a beautiful girl race into his father’s woods, he chases after her wondering what on earth the girl could be up to.  What William doesn’t know is that he’s about to come up against an old hag who has been waiting for someone of youth and beauty to cast a spell upon, so that she – the Gray Lily – can become an Immortal.

Readers…I can’t say enough about this plot.  The three Fates are the three sisters who weave life.  Each human being has a “thread” that is woven into their tapestry that allows the world to continue, and people to follow their preordained paths through life.  This tapestry is made up of all the souls that go through time – some coming back in yet another historical period to try again.  From this tapestry an evil being has stolen seven threads – seven human lives – and have made their own creation, completely ruining the one the Fates have kept watch over.  The three sisters must find out who the criminal is and get back the threads in order for destiny to continue as it should, and they will have to enlist the help of a mortal to find out who has those threads and how they can be returned before people begin to perish.
The history is enchanting in this novel.  Readers will be so ‘wrapped up in Warped’ that they’ll never want to put it down.  And when they do get to the end, they’ll likely go back to the first page and read it through once more because they’ll find themselves wanting to stay in this author’s realm forever.
The religious aspects, the mystical aspects, the incredibly lovely romance, the questions of why things happen to good people and does fate really exist or, can we all, with hard work, love, and courage make our own destiny no matter what is written in the stars, are just some of the themes that will grab your heart and mind as you immerse yourself in this powerful story.
I, for one, want to contact the author and ask her to please sign my copy of Warped.  Why?  Because I know without a doubt that Maurissa Guibord will become a famous author and I would love to have a first-edition collectible on my very own bookshelf.   Don’t walk, run to your local bookstore and buy this one…you will be beyond grateful that you did!
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