Author: Larry Don Cornell Sr.
ISBN: 978-1451589931
Publisher: CreateSpace

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“This children’s book is for the child who likes different colors on a piece of paper.  The wording is like rhythm and rhyme with a touch of poetry throughout the children’s book to make the story a little more interesting and to hold the child’s focus on the pages in the book.  With a little bit of help and some time, the child could draw an aeroplane by themselves.”

I’m not entirely sure where to being with this book, so I’ll start with what I liked.  From the synopsis above, which is taken from the back cover, I can honestly say I think the author has a good idea and started off on the right path.  Children love color, rhyming and simple pictures.  While the book holds these elements, it lacks in method of execution from many standpoints.  The one statement I can agree with completely that “with a little bit of help and some time, the child could draw an aeroplane by themselves.”  The book repeats the same drawing throughout the pages.  The drawing is simplistic enough that a child could draw it, especially after seeing it repeatedly.

While the book uses many rhyming words it doesn’t easily fit into a specific target audience.  The stanzas are written on a higher reading level than that of a child who would be interested in colorful pages without extensive drawings or pictures.  In truth, the writing gave me a headache.  I had to force myself to keep reading it aloud to my children, who were not paying attention.  My kids didn’t care for this book and have not asked to read it again.  As a parent I look for many different aspects in the books I read to my children.  The most important aspects are the level
of attention they give, what they can learn from the book, the involvement they contribute and my perception of the book, due to the fact I have to read it to them.  If I was in a store and picked up this book, I would not have bought it.  The wording was far to jumbled and didn’t make clear statements.  I didn’t want to read this book so I didn’t blame my girls for not wanting to listen.  I have included excerpts below as an example.

It’s sugar and spice and it’s very nice to cut a slice and dice over the mice.  As it’s tasted like apple pie, to fly ole so high.  When, you can make a move like a reverse camel from your instruments on your panel.  It’s like being sunny, where as to start being funny.”
“The aeroplane child is précis and it is nice to heist the slice of sky.  And by and by you can’t get to high.  The thermos takes you to the next levels just like bevels in the gravels in the pebbles to up hovels and revels to get your shovels and travels away for your troubles.”

While I think the author had a good base idea, I didn’t like this book for the following reasons:

-Unclear purpose of book, why buy this book over others?
-Undecided target market. [A child 0-3 might enjoy the colorful pages but would not understand the story.]
-Lack of pictures, each page has the same multi-colored format that is not easy on the eyes.  It was visual overload.  The only picture was the aeroplane.  This aspect lost attention of the audience.
-Wording, it was quite confusing and hard to grasp without re-reading.  Some of it didn’t make much sense.  Young readers wouldn’t understand much of the words used.

For the children’s market which can be anywhere from 0-8 years of age I cannot recommend this book.  I would have a hard time trying to pin this book on an age group as it varies in many aspects in regards to the audience that might enjoy it.  Simple statements about airplanes or a child who loves airplanes would have worked much better for this book.  Multi-colored pages that flowed better and were less choppy would have eased the eyes.  I think the book has great potential with a few changes.  For the market the author seems to intend the book for, simple is best.

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