Author : Linda F.Radke

ISBN : 978-1-877749-28-5

Publisher : Five Star Publications, Inc.

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I had the opportunity to review this awesome book written by Linda F.Radke, That Hungarian's In My Kitchen. I absolutely loved all the 125 Hungarian American Kosher dishes. They are family recipes handed down from her Hungarian ancestors who knew how to feed delicious and tantalizing meals to large families economically.

The simple red, white and black cover adds refreshing flavours to this very antique looking book.  

I am a working mom and I usually do not spend my time in the kitchen. This book is a good choice and eye-opener for moms like me. I am definitely going to venture into cooking now. The 125 recipes are pretty easy to prepare. Each recipe dictates the preparation time, the ingredients, short paragraph of step-by-step directions and how huge the portion serves for. I can always find the ingredients required in my kitchen anytime. The recipes do not take much of my time to prepare them. It seems almost effortless!    

As I flipped through the pages, I felt as though I was browsing through old authentic recipe cards. The secret recipes from Roasted Duck to Beef Goulash will keep your guests crave for more! Linda also had successfully listed down each recipe into categories for easy reference; soup, beef and veal, poultry, salads, breads, cakes and etcetera.

Linda also included some of old family photos and mementos in the middle of the books. It is more than just good food. It keeps family ties together and the kind of food to celebrate for. I also appreciate the Aunt Ethel’s helpful hints section. They are easy to follow especially for a beginner like me. These simple tricks can go a long way.

Linda F. Radke is the author of Nannies, Maids and More: The Complete Guide for Hiring Household Help and The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book on a Budget (a Writer's Digest Book Club selection). She has also published The Kosher Kettle: International Adventures in Jewish Cooking (a Jewish Book Club selection) by Sybil Ruth Kaplan.

I was provided with a hard copy of the book by the author via my association with BookPleasures to facilitate my review. All opinions/views expressed in this review are solely my own.

Click Here To Purchase That Hungarian's in My Kitchen: 125 Hungarian/American Recipes