There’s an endless supply of marketing ideas and suggestions for promoting your book. Some of them work and others, not so much. No matter what marketing strategy you choose to implement, the success of your endeavor boils down to execution. Without proper execution, many wonderful ideas end up dead in the water. Keep this in mind before your jump head first into the marketing ideas below. Careful planning can transform these tips into amazing marketing techniques that have the potential to catapult your book sales.
  1. Make a Video

Selling your book means you need to connect to your audience. When people see you and hear you they can make an instant connection. As it stands, video searches are growing by leaps and bounds and word on the street is that Google is developing voice recognition and auto-captioning, which means that videos will soon be searchable by text.

  1. Short Story Teasers

Create a story about your story. Many authors are finding that these separate mini-versions work like trailers for a movie. They’re hooking the audience and leaving them wanting more. Offer the story for free, keep it short and simple and watch the interest grow.

  1. Contests

Life is one big carnival and people love it when they win a prize. Create a contest and give-away an autographed copy of your book.

  1. Gather Reviews

There’s no escaping the power of a good review. Even though readers don’t hang out on book review sites, getting the websites where they do hang-out to read and post a review offers instant appeal and credibility.

  1. Build a Website

Don’t build a website about yourself. Make it about your book. Turn the book into an online character and put it in the limelight. Integrate a strong advertising and promotion campaign on each page within the site. Include links to the media attention and book reviews that you’re receiving.

  1. Virtual Reader Communities

There are a ton of these sites out there and they’re a goldmine full of book marketing opportunities. Visit,, and for tips and inspiration.

  1. Book Competitions

Check your ego at the door for this one. Entering author competitions is a super hot way to network, promote your book and, quite possibly, win the whole kit and kaboodle. Join a local or national author society to learn more about scheduled competitions.

  1. Be Like Vaynerchuk

Read up on Gary V. and use him as a case study to market your book. Visit his site at:

  1. Compilations

Be a team player and submit your writings into a compilation book. Not only do you promote yourself, but others promote you too. It also lets you step outside your genre and broaden your audience reach.

    10. Blog

Write about your book each and every chance that you get.