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You wrote a book and became an author. Now that you’ve written the book, it’s time to become a marketer. There are many book marketing strategies to get people reading your book. There’s SEO, social networking, special sales, direct marketing, radio shows, coaching services, seminars and webinars, online store listings and many other book marketing strategies that you can use. These are direct book marketing strategies because they directly relate to marketing and selling your book.

Did you know that meditation can also be used as an effective indirect book marketing strategy? We tend to think of meditation as a passive discipline that is diametrically opposed to book marketing. However, meditation can be a big money maker for authors and book marketers.

The American Institute of Stress estimated that stress costs USA business roughly $300 Billion per year in absenteeism, turnover, poor communication, medical claims, office politics, accidents and more. If we assume that 150 Million Americans have jobs, then this price tag comes out to about $2,000 per employee. That’s a lot of money. If you work for yourself in the book marketing business, then this price tag applies to you and your business.

If you’re a typical author marketing a book, you may have a job on top of your book marketing duties. This can be quite stressful, and stress can lead to a lot of mistakes. Without proper stress management strategies, you may be spreading yourself too thin.

One of the best ways to let go of stress and to develop the capacity to become more absorbed in work tasks is meditation. Meditation is your natural state of mind when you’re not resisting experience. It is the art of being absorbed in the present moment and being fully present with moment to moment experience as it arises into consciousness. The ego clings to comfortable experience, thought and emotion and pushes away uncomfortable experience. This process leads to stress.

Meditation conditions the mind so that you are more able to be present with experience that was once overwhelming. It also reinforces the neural pathways that control concentration and positive emotions. When you are in an absorbed and “present” state of consciousness, then stress rolls off of you more easily, you get more done more efficiently and you are better equipped to handle any situation in a calm and creative way. Burnout becomes much less likely as you build the capacity to process your experiences efficiently. This makes meditation one of the more essential book marketing strategies.

I know you’re busy. It may be hard to get started with a solid meditation practice because you have already created a lot of routines for yourself. Here’s how you get started. Think about activities that are grounding, balancing, centering and “spiritually” nourishing for you. This can be scripture and devotional song or something more secular like stretching. You may have a favorite nature spot from childhood that you can visualize for a few moments. Perhaps you find contentment when you stop and pay attention to how you’re breathing, thinking and feeling. All these activities can become part of your indirect book marketing strategy.

Now, think about all the downtimes in your day. You have 20 seconds in an elevator to do something that accumulates peace instead of stress. Use your “elevator time” wisely. You also have traffic lights, grocery store lines, lunch breaks and short one minute intervals that you can use for serenity breaks from your book marketing routine.

If you spend just one minute out of each hour performing activities that accumulate peace, then you are creating a powerful momentum of peace below the level of consciousness. After a while, you will notice a marked increase in your ability to let go of stress in any given moment. This is true even if you do not always see immediate results in these calming activities. You will also notice an enhanced ability to slip into meditation.

Now that you have this momentum, you can learn to meditate more easily. There are a lot of resources for learning meditation in your community, on the internet and in books and CDs. Use one of these resources to learn how to meditate. Make sure this resource is compatible with your beliefs and lifestyle. Designate a particular time each day for your formal meditation practice. Ten or twenty minutes, or even an hour, are all OK. Do this while integrating calming activities into your day, and you will realize that meditation is one of your most powerful book marketing strategies.

Click Here To Purchase Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course: for Beginning and Advanced Students of Meditation and Yoga