Author::  R.A. Nelson
ISBN:  978-0-375-86700-2

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Yes, I know...some of you are already saying "Oh, great, another vampire book."  BUT, this is and, I swear, completely different than those love triangle, white-faced hunk vs. tight ab werewolf people.  This is actually a FANtastic story that adults will truly love.
Emma Cooper is our main character's name.  When Emma was thirteen she ran away from home, trying desperately to outrun the curse that was trying to wipe her out.  During her escape, Emma learned one very real thing...the world is a big, scary place.  Now, Emma is seventeen, and in forty-eight hours she will be seizure-free for the last six months.  And that means...FINALLY Emma can get her driver's license and get these doctor's off her back.  All she's listened to for years is the epilepsy mantra and she's so sick of it she could slap the medical men silly; they've only been ruining her life since she can remember.  In fact, Emma will never forget when she was in the eighth grade and had her first grand mal seizure, RIGHT in front of Lane Gainer who was the one boy she'd loved with all her heart.  He'd been so into her, but after seeing the shaking and the other gross things that happened when that electrical storm hit her brain, he dumped her, and so did her best friend Gretchen. 
But that was yesterday.  And today is her soccer tournament.  Emma has been one of the best soccer players throughout school; she has no fear, and can kick the ball and fake-out her opponents
better than anyone whose ever played the game.  Unfortunately, a horrific hit brings on yet another seizure and ruins her chances of getting the driver's license and all the freedom that comes with it.  When she wakes up on the field, Emma has never been so angry. She steals her mother's keys, races out of the parking lot and into the woods, crashing through trees, and finally having an accident that could've been a heck of a lot worse.  Emma knows that she saw an old house buried in these woods; so, pulling herself together, she walks up to the front door to ask for help.  Help is what she got, but Emma had no idea it would come in the form of an even bigger curse that she could most definitely not outrun.

Wirtz is a vampire.  He speaks German and has waited a long time for young, fresh blood to feed upon.  Unfortunately for the monster, his feast is interrupted by a farmer's headlights.  Emma soon finds herself waking up in a hospital with tubes running out of her and a doctor talking to her about the large gash in her leg that almost took her out permanently.  Slowly, Emma begins to remember the dark shadow that spoke to her that night in the woods.  Not only that, but Emma soon begins to change in ways she never knew possible.  Gone are the seizures; instead, she finds herself being able to run like the wind, lift heavy objects without breaking a sweat, and being able to see objects in the dark as if a bright blue sun was lighting the world.
Soon, a chase begins, with Wirtz trying desperately to find Emma so that he can either finish her or her beloved sister off.  Emma must run to protect her family from the monsterg and ends up on the grounds of the NASA Space Center.  Hiding there, Emma begins to set up for the siege that she knows is coming.  Not only does she meet a variety of vampires - good (Sonnen clan) and evil (the Verloren), but she also meets a young man by the name of Sagan who is truly into everything "space-y," and wants nothing more than to help Emma through whatever it is she's going through.
This is not your regular vamp fare, guys and gals.  This book offers an in-depth look at a REAL girl living with a TRUE illness.  The intricate look at the Space Center is also something to really be excited about.  from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory to the cool underground caves, this book is seriously cool!  From the romance that is anything but trite, to the amazing science fiction aspects, you will find yourself FINALLY happy that a good writer wrote a very good vampire book. Enjoy!

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