Author:  Sheila Roberts
ISBN:  978-0-312-59448-0

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Talk about a story for someone who REALLY needs a miracle this Christmas.  Of course, with the rough 2010 that we've all had, I'm sure this would be the absolute perfect gift to give the people you love who are looking to restore their hope.
This fantastic story begins with a young woman who has had one heck of a year.  In fact, Thanksgiving is almost upon Kiley Gray, and she still can't get over the disastrous Halloween she's just gone through.  Kiley is one of those hopeful people (or was) who truly believed in everything from Santa Claus to Prince Charming; until her beau - her fiance', in fact, dumped her for her younger sister.  She's still nursing this extreme hurt when she walks into an antique shop one day and comes across a snow globe with a scene inside that captures her heart.  She can't afford it, but once the owner tells her the story of the globe, Kiley simply can't resist.
In Chicago in the 1880's a man named Otto Schwartz owned a toyshop.  He could barely run the store anymore because he simply couldn't bring himself to smile after losing his wife and baby during labor.  One day Otto received a package from his sister in France, and inside was a snow globe with a lovely little toyshop located in an Alpine village.  The most beautiful part was that in front of the small shop stood a stunning angel watching over the peaceful scene.  Something happened when Otto shook the small globe and watched the snow fall over the toyshop...and Otto's life was changed forever.