Author:  Clare Willis
ISBN:  978-1-4201-0872-9

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Sunni Marquette is our main character in this fantastical, fun, humorous romp.  The one thing Sunni truly believes is that marriage is a big, fat waste of time.  This is, in fact, what she’s thinking at the beginning of this tale as she stands, once again at an altar; a bridesmaid in yet another wedding, wearing cheap shoes and an orange Jell-O colored gown.  This is her college friend’s wedding, and pretty much the last place Sunni wants to be standing.  Of course, for every bad there is a good, and Sunni soon finds out a reason to stay.  Across the room, she sees him…the one…the guardian angel who she’s met on and off throughout the years that saved her from a mugger over two years ago.
Sunni can’t believe it.  She also has a hard time believing that he appears just as a drunken sot decides to be a bit overzealous with her at the wedding.  Again, the handsome man with eyes that glow like silver appears just as she’s about to be harmed, disappearing just as quickly back into the crowd.  Oddly enough, Sunni’s own “strange” strength makes needing a hero somewhat unnecessary.  Although
she’s now met Jacob Eddington, she’s still unsure as to why he always seems to crop up.  Is he a stalker? 

Even her best friend, Isabel, is having strange “man-issues” in her life, too.  Isabel and Sunni have been like sisters ever since they were at a psychiatric institute together when they were kids:  Sunni had been placed there because of her “odd” abilities; while Isabel was fighting depression.  Sunni, having no parents, became a fixture in Isabel and her family’s life.  In fact, Isabel’s parents were kind enough to give her money and a chance to own her very own art gallery.
Soon, not only are Jacob Eddington’s sudden appearances odd, but also Isabel’s fiancé, Richard Lazarus, becomes even odder.  Little does Isabel know that Richard is a vampire who has a long history of marrying extremely wealthy women, and then killing them for their inheritances.  Although this vamp thinks he’s something beyond smooth, he soon finds himself up against Jacob Eddington, as well as the Council and a man named Scipio.
This story is not only filled with romance, and some extremely steamy scenes, but the plot is extremely interesting and will keep the reader absorbed until the final page.  Between Jacob’s interesting job that involves protecting Sunni for life, to the strange background that Sunni will soon discover about herself, this book is truly a mystery wrapped in an enigma…with extremely enchanting men.  Enjoy!

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