Author:  Alexandra Ivy
ISBN:  978-1-4201-1135-4

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This is a Guardians of Eternity novel from Alexandra Ivy, who proved a long time ago that she truly knows dark and dangerous characters.  In this new story we are still completely immersed in the fantastical world that includes Tane.  Tane is a Charon, and a handsome, breathtaking one at that.  He’s also about to be set out on a new assignment that will lead him straight into the arms of a stunning woman who may end up to be his ultimate downfall.
We begin running through the darkness alongside a woman named Laylah.  She’s doing everything within her power to lead the rogue vampire that she can “feel” following her, far away from a very important item that has to be protected at all costs.  Laylah is doing
her best to get the vamp away from Caine’s lair, but she knows that many more are after her, as well.  After all, she did destroy a 'were' that she had no intention of hurting in the first place.  But the package she protects is far more important than her own life, so she stops in her tracks and calls out to the evil being following her to show himself so that they can stop this ridiculous charade.

Tane knows that Laylah has to be brought before the Commission and pay for what she’s done; have her put down like a rabid dog.  But he also wants more than anything to figure out what, exactly, she’s protecting.  When he finds out, the mystery becomes even more tumultuous because Tane has no idea why a creature like Laylah would sacrifice her life for something she doesn’t even seem to care about one iota.
The upside for Laylah is that she is an extremely smart creature, and before Tane has even realized what she’s doing, she uses her magic to bind them together as one.  This innate power makes it impossible for Tane to take her in front of the Commission so that they can dispense their justice.  It also makes it almost impossible for him to be near her, seeing as that with every word she utters he finds himself wanting to protect her with all his might.
The romance, as always, is extremely addictive.  Alexandra Ivy once again leads readers into a world where good and evil are constantly battling each other for the world domination each side is fighting for.  The Guardians are extremely strong, brave, smart, and make great partners with the somewhat evil beings that are half-human and half-demon.  In fact, if you ask me, I would much rather see Tane and Laylah on the big screen than have to deal with Edward and Bella for one more second.  (Jacob I can deal with).  I know, I know, I’ve just been placed on a fan “hit list,” but if you take the time to read the Guardians of Eternity novels, you will say…Bella who?  J  Enjoy!
Click Here To Purchase Devoured by Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, Book 7)