Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Publisher: The Laurus Company

ISBN: 978-0-9841680-4-0

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How can a soon-to-be-published author get the word out about her new book? I can think of four ways.

1. Hire a public relations firm.

2. Rely on your publisher.

3. Learn how to do your own promotion.

4. Get a copy of Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s Premium Promotional Tips for Writers.

Financial constraints often rule out the first option. As for the second option, few publishers offer much in the way of marketing resources these days. And the third option (learning on one’s own) is a great idea, but where does one start? With my next book to be published April 29, 2011, I thought I was doing a good job of beginning what Vandermeulen calls “the buzz.” I maintain updated profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and try to post on a regular basis; allow “alerts” in my social network settings; use Google Analytics on my website; and have created a blog and website. But are these enough?

Uncomfortable with self-promotion, and unfamiliar with what next steps to take, I’d not pursued additional social media marketing. It was my hope that when the book was published, readers would find, order and purchase it at Amazon or their local bookstores. But when option four (Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s book) came my way, I discovered my naïvite at such an assumption. A quote used in her book flagged the importance (and expectation by publishers) of author-involvement in book promotion: “We look for authors who are not only great writers, but are willing to promote their work and also understand the enormous changes in the industry. It used to be 75% about how good the book was and 25% about the marketing, but now it is 75% about the marketing and 25% about how good the book is.” Peter Miller (Literary Manager of PMA Literary)

75% about marketing? Clearly, I had a lot to learn if I wanted people to know of the existence of my book, let alone become sufficiently interested in it so they would purchase a copy. With each chapter of Vandermeulen’s book, I discovered I’d barely skimmed the surface of book promotion. In Premium Promotional Tips for Writers, authors learn the importance of and how to … create internet exposure … drive traffic to the site where their books are sold … build an author platform … target readership audience … create a blog … and develop a strong social media network.

While it may sound simplistic, the saying that “good things come in small packages” is true in this instance. In its less than 120 pages, unexpected nuggets of wisdom and easy-to-follow tips emerge. I’ve begun some of the suggestions in the book and if the results to date are any indication, I anticipate increased internet exposure and a stronger social media network which hopefully will translate into book sales.

This power-packed little book takes the angst out of the “What do I do next?” question and is an important resource for any writer - or for that matter any artist or business person wanting to promote/market their art or product on the internet.

Click Here To Purchase Premium Promotional Tips for Writers