Author: H. Terrell Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-933515-96-0
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Another great ride by H. Terrell Griffin.  It will keep you on the edge of your chair throughout and is full of interesting characters and historical facts of the state of Florida.
The main character is Matt Royal, a former attorney and member of the Special Forces in Vietnam.  He has settled in Longboat Key and is enjoying the good life of fishing, eating, drinking and all around easy living.  He has just returned from a weeks worth of sailing with a lovely lady, who is returning to her job in Europe, and is anxious to assume his old ways as mentioned in the previous sentence.  Sadly, while Matt was away a sniper tried to kill a good friend of his and now that he's back his life is also in danger.  Matt starts to investigate with his friends and a new female police detective who has just moved to Longboat.  No one can find out any information as to why Matt and his friend were targeted.  During his investigation many bodies start to pile up.  These
include a lawyer who is trying to help a gentleman authenticate an ancient document that would give the Seminole Indians a bigger stake in the state of Florida; a tourist who was left for dead; a very lethal biker gang and a lonely and isolated billionaire who has nothing to lose.  Matt and his cohorts have got a real problem on their hands and are trying to solve this case even though they cannot find out anything about the whys and wherefores of the situation.  This action takes place in a week and its shaping up to be a very long week.

I enjoyed Bitter Legacy  and have to admit it certainly was because of the author.  I had previously reviewed Mr. Griffin's book Wyatt's Revenge and couldn't wait to read this one.  The books featured the same characters but, to me, in a completely different context.  There are many flashbacks into Matt's life and even though sometimes these can be tedious, that was not true in this book.  Mr. Griffin is a very creative writer and there was one chapter devoted to his life at home, going to church and learning about evil.  This segued into an experience that he had in Vietnam.  When Matt learned about evil in church he only thought of the red suited Devil but, what he observed in Vietnam was real evil and he never wanted to see it again but knew it really existed in the real world.  I was so taken by this chapter that I read it again and still am captivated at the idea.  Also, Mr. Griffin, in his afterword, lets the readers know some of the history of the Seminole and the personal bias that still exists.  This book was a very good read but also taught me that the evil that you see is not always the evil that is done.  I was very impressed.

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