Author:  Richard Taylor

ISBN:  978-1453685884

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John Kincaide is a multi-millionaire and owner of a pharmaceutical company who finds out about a memory enhancement drug called ClearThought.  The scientist, Gordon Bischoff, has been testing the drug on himself and ends up abusing its effects.  He believes the woman John is having a relationship with, Vanessa, is the same woman he loved in a former life and he wants her back.  Gordon becomes crazy and won’t let John or Vanessa, stand in his way of getting what he wants.  Clearly, this drug has made Gordon loose his mind.  This is what makes the story become exciting.

The storyline in Stones Skipping on Water, is about a reincarnation thriller and by rights, the character of the scientist Gordon, makes you believe that he is living a past life and due to the effects, he wants to relive it again.

The story seems a little drawn out and the action doesn’t come into play until much later in the story.  There is a long build up between the characters so the reader takes time in understanding their motivations and place within the story.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I was reading a thriller but it soon picks up and you’re propelled and drawn in.

Richard Taylor’s style of telling the story instead of showing, made it a little difficult to soak yourself into the drama at first.  It appears to be a play by play as opposed to feeling the true essence of each character.  Vanessa, John and Gordon were somewhat two-dimensional and the feelings that were projected throughout the story somewhat left you wanting more.  He seemed quick to describe and move on to the next action instead of simmer and let the reader absorb what was happening.

Not many fiction books are written on the subject of reincarnation therefore Stones Skipping on Water is a refreshing read.  The story definitely has lust and love and ends in tragic murder.  Stones Skipping on Water is a good read and made for readers over the age of 18.

I recommend reading this book to anyone that needs to read something different.  If you are looking for a hardcore thriller, this book doesn’t deliver that, but it is entertaining within its genre.

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