Authors: Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rotenberg

ISBN: 978-1-935703-10-5

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Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg, authors of You’re Better Than Your Job Search, have found a creative and unique way to help people through the sometimes muddy waters of a hunting for a job. Cenedella is the founder of the popular job search site, The Ladders. Rothenberg is the Editor-In-Chief. What makes The Ladders unique from other sites is that it caters to folks looking to make upwards of $100K. You’re Better Than Your Job Search is written for these individuals as well; however, even folks who would settle on two-thirds or even half that amount as an annual salary, will surely benefit from the advice in this book.

The authors leave no stone unturned as they help the reader navigate through the mysteries of sending a resume in this electronic age, attending a job fair, web and committee interviews, what to wear when networking or interviewing and even how to emotionally handle a layoff. The book is complete with extremely helpful checklists and forms throughout which help readers organize many aspects of their job searches.

And the book is fun to read. The authors use an interesting combination of font, arrows and color to separate content. They also have a very relaxed and engaging style - nothing stuffy here even when discussing the most boring aspects of being unemployed.

At first I wondered how much they would tout The Ladders itself, but never fear. They promote the site throughout the book but always keep it in context and never in a pushy way. It’s another very helpful job search resource in a book about job search resources.

While some of the content here is quite familiar, such as how to create the elevator speech, the book contains a wealth of information that may not be as recognizable including what job seekers need to know about applicant tracking systems or how to handle age discrimination.

If you’re going to purchase a book to help you through your job search, whether it was planned or unplanned, it’s best to read one written by people who know the ins and outs of the job search arena. Cenedella and Rothenberg tell you what you need to know based on their several years of experience helping people find jobs - good jobs too. And they tell it in an engaging way that is easy to read and full of success stories and tips and tricks, along with applicable content that will help you navigate your way to the perfect job.

Click Here To Purchase You're Better Than Your Job Search