Author: Nathan Segal

ISBN: 9780978492918

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The most evident benefit of Nathan Segal's Secret of Profitable Freelance Writing is that its invaluable information will help you devote more time to the craft of writing rather than passing endless hours online or at your local library trying to figure out what publications might be interested in your work. In other words, Segal does all the leg work for you making it easier to nab a paying writing gig.

This nifty 103 page guidebook packs quite a wallop, as Segal shares his priceless secrets with his readers. For example, one such gem is his discovery of the online free access to the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media. In the first chapter of the book, Segal illustrates how to use these directories and how they can help you build your career as a freelance writer. These are powerful fun tools and after you have played around with them for a while, you will wonder how you got along without them.

Finding magazines with your search engines can sometimes be quite tedious and overwhelming, however, Segal comes to your rescue, as he simplifies the task by listing and exploring several great sources as: Writers Weekly, Writing for Dollars, Online Writer's Guidelines, and Absolute Write. How often do we wind up at a site and don't have the foggiest idea how to access the information therein contained? With Segal's experience and knowledge, the problem is resolved within minutes.

A great resource is contained in chapter three where we learn how to use writing sites to find writing assignments. Using a step-by-step approach, Segal explains the mechanics of two great sites, FreelanceWriting and The Guide of Online Guidelines.

Discovering ideas for any given writing project can prove to be quite a challenge, however, chapter four paves the way in demonstrating how to go about this chore. It is here where Segal uses the Amazon research strategy using keywords that define your product, such as: books, DVDs etc. Once you find the product fitting your criteria, you do your research which Segal explains in accessible language.

We have often heard the expression content is king, particularly for online sites as well as printed media. The quickest way to create this content is to compile it from other sources and Chapter Six and Seven show you the trick in doing it without too much pain.

Another useful chapter is where we are presented with Segal's number one tool for getting work as a freelance writer-his query letter that he has used for well over thirteen years.

Other handy sections explore the value of editors, how magazines pay for your work, why you need a web site, increasing your profits, finding joint venture partners, tips on the process of writing, and writing resources. Updates to the book can be found on the author's blog site.

Some books break new ground while others show you how to deal with the basics, making your writing life easier. Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing falls into the latter category. There is no guaranty that after reading the book you will be a successful freelance writer, however, it does simplify your writing life, saving you dozens of hours showing where the free writing tools and resources are hidden on the Internet. As Segal states, the key is a combination of research and interviewing.

Nathan Segal has been working as a Freelance Writer for thirteen years. He has written over five hundred articles, many having appeared in popular magazines and has written five books.

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