Author: Rachel Olsen

Publisher: David C. Cook

ISBN: 978-1-4347-6537-6

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It’s No Secret by Rachel Olsen contains twelve chapters on various significant relatable topics for modern Christian women. Each chapter concludes with a Bible study; therefore lending itself to be a resource for a weekly or monthly group study where each participant has a copy of the book, reads the chapter, and thinks about the questions prior to getting together.

With chapter titles such as “Always RSVP” and “Know When to Pay Retail,” it becomes obvious as soon as you crack the spine that Olsen has a way of taking modern ways of thinking and relating them to ancient biblical ideals and truths. It is definitely written for women, although the men in their lives will gain from the insights as well. It is somewhat refreshing to hear about parties and shopping in the same context as Christ. Often religion is delegated to Sunday and it is easy to get caught up in so-called “worldly things” throughout the rest of the week. Olsen reminds her readers that Christianity is integrated into every aspect of life and provides tips for a fully rich life in the Yahweh Sisterhood.

Having said that, I would also say that there were moments when the book seemed a little bit light and fluffy. Women are intelligent, witty, multi-taskers who think about more than clothes and skin problems. Some women may take issue with the stereotypical “girlfriend” illustrations and not make it to the poignant gems of truth scattered throughout the pages. The depth of thought is sometimes hidden in the shallow language and depictions.

However, there are some women who have been daunted by biblical language and male-driven explanations who will find this book extremely helpful in formulating their own truths. As Olsen states: “The secrets contained in the pages of this book are nothing new or hidden at all. They’ve all been wrapped within the Word of God and the person of Christ for thousands of years, readily accessible through the ages.” (p. 22)

Olsen isn’t shy about sharing her own experiences to bring insight and truth to readers. She testifies about her own conversion and journey into Christianity as well as that of others. This will speak to new Christians at the beginning of the road as well as women who have been travelling that road for many years, allowing them to recall the bumpy and smooth patches along the way. She acknowledges her own shortcomings, writing with vulnerability and authenticity; one gets the sense that she truly wants others to learn from her experiences.

Overall, I would recommend It’s No Secret to other Christian women looking for relatable material to expand their spiritual thoughts. It has a strong biblical focus with updated imagery to foster relevant conversation and discussion.

Click Here To Purchase It's No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know