Author: Rebecca Lerwill

ISBN: 978-1-934938-40-9

Published: Langdon Street Press


Rebecca Lerwill has written an action-packed adventure full of nail-biting suspense in The Acronym: White Nights of St. Petersburg. A continuation in the story of Relocating Mia, The Acronym begins with Mia Trentino is preparing to go to Russia to testify against Piotr Lagunov, a member of the Russian Mafia and the man who is responsible for the horrors Mia had to endure while in captivity.

She has since been under the protection of the Acronym, a secret agency consisting of former agents of the US government and other agencies around the world - a very elite group with specific talents. Once they join the Acronym, their past associations with their former employers are history. And they know when they join up with the Acronym, that they can no longer count on those agencies for assistance is needed as they could while in their employment.

During her rescue in Relocating Mia, Mia meets Douglas Farland, one of the Acronym’s agents, and they become engaged to be married. But while in Russia where she’s about to testify against Lagunov in The Acronym, Douglas comes up missing and he’s framed for treason. Also, Sergei Selkin is still at large and he’s an even bigger threat than Lagunov. He will stop at nothing to prevent Mia from testifying.

Mia is now in grave danger without the protection of Douglas - and the unavoidable trip to Russia to testify, becomes a battle between fighting for her safety as she tries to escape the Russian organization’s efforts to thwart her from testifying, while trying to find Douglas and prove his innocence.

Rebecca Lerwill has a flair for writing intense, suspense filled pages that will keep you turning the pages as you get caught up in the intrigue. Lerwill’s ability to tell a believable story is laced perfectly with drama and suspense, combined with well planned plotting and settings while accented perfectly with lively dialogue.

An excellent read!


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