Authors: David Gerrold, Stefan Petrucha, and Jim Salicrup

Publisher: Papercutz

ISBN: 978-1597072151

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A Wicked Parody of Tales”

We begin with “Dead Dog Dies,” a tale of a poor little zombie boy named Glugg. It is the one-year anniversary of his death. To his dismay, he soon realizes the living do not like zombies enough to give them presents. Taking a different approach, he puts the word out to his fellow zombies – explains to them what presents are and gives them his wish list. His excitement boiled over as he unwrapped his presents – expecting money in a card or the newest game system. Excitement fizzled when upon opening his gifts he uncovered boxes of dirt and a broken off jawbone. However, with the help of his one living friend, Crowley – all just might not be lost!

Our next tale, “Kill, Baby, Kill,” an offshore drilling rig disaster plays havoc on Mother Nature and she takes revenge. Okay, this story seems familiar – too close for comfort! What do you get when you pit a big business – some know it all environmentalists, and a surprise nemesis against each other? One heck of a scary story!

Last but certainly not least is the ‘Broadway Sin-Sation…’ “Wickeder,” is a play introduced by the Crypt – Keeper’s friend, the old witch, a squeakquel to Frank N. Balmed’s classic, The Wizard of Ooze! I now must add – this was my favorite tale of all, and my eight-year-old grandsons favorite as well. You follow Dotty’s trial in the murder of Alfalfa, the wickeder witch, and then you are introduced to the oppressed munchkins. Need I say more? It is a ninety-degree turn from the classic story indeed – but what a fun read!

The illustrations for each story are amazing and fit the storylines to a tee. I found the tongue – in – cheek dialogue throughout the tales blissfully amusing. With just the right amount of guts and gore this “Tales From The Crypt” selection gets two thumbs up!

I found myself laughing out loud numerous times from the witty dialogue and humor – quite embarrassing really. You will have no problem getting your child to sit still for this read, that is a promise. These stories follow in the “Tales of the Crypt” tradition and will capture the imagination of all ages.

For some truly enjoyable reads look for, “The Hardy Boys – Crawling With Zombies,” “Breaking Down,” “Nancy Drew – Vampire Slayer,” and man more creepy reads.

Click Here To Purchase Tales from the Crypt #9: Wickeder