Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Publisher: The Laurus Company

ISBN: 978-0-9841680-4-0

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If you are an author and are looking for a nifty primer that cuts all the fat from the bone in providing dozens of tips concerning the promoting and marketing of your book, then you have come to the right place with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's Premium PROMOTIONAL TIPS for Writers. Vandermeulen shares with her readers the countless hours of research and experience she has garnered from a variety of sources concerning the skills and techniques in successfully selling your book.

After briefly giving her readers a peek into the world of publishing and exploring various possible avenues to consider when opting for a particular path, Vandermeulen then proceeds to build her book around six important tips that deal with  such topics as creating massive exposure, building an author platform, targeting your audience, blogging, driving traffic, social networking, marketing and promoting. These in turn are broken down into further useful suggestions that are highlighted in shaded boxes. Also included are interviews with Vandermeulen and a helpful brief glossary of several terms used throughout the book

As examples of the book's usefulness, if we turn to the chapter concerning Targeting an Audience, we notice a section that points out where to find your audience. It is here where Vandermeulen lists her favorite social networks with brief descriptions and attributes of each. In the section on blogging, she lists seven tips on how to post, which include asking a question, sharing a quote or anecdote, sticking with content, picking out keywords or phrases and using them frequently, using subheadings so the reader can scan, creating strong post titles, and promoting your site through online networks. Tip five, Driving Traffic, Vandermeulen illustrates ten sure ways to draw viewers to your blog. Tip six concerning social networking, we learn about ten ways authors can use Twitter and Amazon's Kindle and issue for book publishers, and pricing options for e-books.

One element of the book that may turn off some readers is the conspicuous self-promotion of Vandermeulen's marketing and promotional business, Premium Promotional Services. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that this in no way detracts from the book's effectiveness that offers a solid entry point for newcomers, as well as veterans, to the world of book marketing and promotion. From the first pages it is evident that this book is a feast of impressive research, and what is more, Vandermeulen is a skilled writer adept in presenting material in small digestible morsels that will maintain your interest.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Education in Literature major. She taught for twenty years before starting her full- time writing career in 2006. She produces and hosts a live weekly Blog Talk Radio (BTR) show, Authors Articulating, where she shares marketing and promotional tips with other writers and where she answers questions. Jo-Anne is the owner of Premium Promotional Services, a company that supports and markets fellow writers.

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