In this tutorial you’ll learn how to find those great writing jobs using keyword research. If you're not familiar with the ways that you can search online, here are some simple, yet important things to consider. There are 3 main keyword searching options to find great writing jobs online. These are: Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.

When you type keyword phrases into Google, you’ll notice that the search engine will give you other possibilities. Make note of these since they could guide you to even more targeted searches.

First off, we’ll look at Broad Match keywords: This keyword combination uses all the words in the search. For example, let's say you search for the keyword: Technical writing. This brings up many millions results, which is huge. This is because the search is for both technical and writing.

If you look at the searches related to technical writing at the bottom of the page, you find a wide variety of keyword combinations. If none of these are what you want, your search is too broad and you'll need to narrow it down.

The next keyword combination we’ll look at is Phrase Match. This keyword combination gives you search results that match the exact phrase. Here's how it works. You add quotation marks around your keyword, like this: "keyword" In this case, the result comes back with millions of results, but less than before. That's still quite a bit, but as you can see, we're narrowing things down.

The 3rd option is Exact Match: This keyword combination is for searches that are for that phrase only and as written, without any other words in the search. Here's how you would use it in a search: [technical writing] In this particular case, we received roughly 24 million results, which is not what we wanted. Sometimes this option gives results which are the exact opposite of what you would expect, as in this case.

Still, we can go even deeper, with Long Tail Keywords: This is where we really drill down and get specific. We'll refine this search further by doing a broad match search with the keyword: technical writing jobs telecommuting. This returns roughly 80,000 or so results. If we want to narrow that down even further, we can do a phrase match search by adding quotation marks. This gives us only a few results. Be aware that this could be going too far, but I wanted to show you just how targeted you can get with your searches. And that's it. With these 4 keyword research methods, you'll be able to quickly narrow down your subject online.

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