Authors : Dan & Ali Morrow
Illustrated by : Cory Godbey
Publisher : David Cook
ISBN : 978-1-4347-6434-8

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That's Where God Is, is a very lovingly written book about a little boy's quest to find and understand God and his spiritual adventure. As befitting a pre-school child, the boy in the story has his mind brimming with questions and while relaxing with his grandfather on one Sunday, he asks him a simple question - "Grandpa where is God?"

The question is not answered directly rather he is urged by the grandfather to look for the answer himself. The little boy is a little unsure initially but he promises to be watchful for the signs which would lead him to the right answer by the end of the week when he is supposed to tell his grandfather about his progress on this pursuit. During this whole week, while doing the routine things - at home, in school, in a trip to zoo, at his friend's place, he gets
acquainted to different forms and ways of God. Starting from Monday, each day reveals a new and wonderful realization for him when he actually experiences God in diverse things. He could see Him present in all his creations - big or small, animals or plants, rain or sunshine. He could feel God with himself in every small action that he does or is done by anyone else - in forgiveness and in sharing, in fun and sorrow, in compassion and helping others. The boy is thrilled that he could actually find the answer all by himself and then on the following Sunday, he relates all his experiences to his grandfather. But his curiosity doesn’t end there, he wants to know more about God. It is wonderful how grandfather explains about one special place where we all can invite God's spirit to come and stay so that God is with us - wherever we are and whatever we do.

A wonderful way to start a conversation with little children, initiating and encouraging them to discover the presence of God in every single thing around them. This book is just appropriate for parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers, to read to young children and is the perfect way to incite the young and adult readers alike to 'keep the eyes open, in order to find God all over the place throughout His creation'.

The illustrations by Cory Godbey are simply beautiful. The combination of pencil sketches and the warm shades of water colors accentuate the overall effect of the written matter brilliantly.

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