Author: Kathryn Rose
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781453834558

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This newly updated September 2010 guide on how parents can help their children avoid the numerous predators that lurk, just waiting for their turn on pounce on unsuspecting users of social networking sites, is a useful instructional manual that is easily accessible, even to those of us who were born in an era in which the Internet had not even been fully conceived. Despite being an avid Facebook fan, Kathryn Rose is only too aware of the negative aspects associated with the unguarded use of such a powerful online community tool.

Author of four books on social media for business: Step by Step Guides to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and SEO/Video for business, as well as of The Facebook Guide for Parents and The Facebook Guide for Grandparents, Kathryn Rose is the ideal Certified Social Media Strategist to have written such a book. As well as being keenly aware of the ethical issues involved in the most popular social network on the Internet, she is also both a mom and an aunt, so that she fully grasps the import of protecting ourselves and the youngsters in our care from the potential harm to which it makes the more vulnerable members of our society prey.

The guide starts off be taking us through signing up for Facebook (which includes how to set up your own profile), account settings and the different tabs, as well as the privacy settings and contact information that you should be particularly careful about. Rose then carefully distinguishes between the wall and the News Feed, showing how us how we can control who posts on our Wall and who will
be able to see those posts. A description of how to find people on Facebook follows, which is supplemented by how to create a friend list when you do find others to whom you can relate, and how to handle requests to be friends. A blessing of this system is that you can also “un-friend” them at the drop of a hat (or should I say at the click of a mouse?), unlike in real life, where such situations can be wrought with emotional tension. Additional topics are: Friends options review, creating user name link, removing posts, and reputation monitoring. Rose also provides helpful advice for how to deal with the crisis situation (horror of horrors!) of one’s own child “unfriending” one. The book ends with some helpful pointers on joining and starting groups, uploading photos and videos, and playing games on Facebook. As a final step, Rose also includes a “Family Facebook Users Contract,” which could prove especially useful for helping you to set and monitor expectations for your kids regarding their Facebook use. Let’s face it—you’ll never be able to keep them totally out of harm’s way, but what you can do is alert them to any possible dangers that they might encounter along the way. The Big Bad Wolf is no longer in Grandma’s clothing, but in a guise that requires us to be aware of what information our kids are innocently sharing with those of sometimes lupine intent.

An illustration of each of the public interface screens that you will encounter when using Facebook is included in the body of the guide, which is amply provided with helpful headings and subheadings to signpost your way through the text. In addition to an extremely user-friendly font, Rose highlights her main points in bold, even in addition highlighting the following key point by underlining: “These pages and groups are against Facebook’s terms of use and can be taken down so be sure to report them.”

Though this guide provides much insight into how to optimize use of Facebook for your child, it is very clearly indicated that the book was neither authorized by, nor is associated with, Facebook® Corporation in any way. The Parent’s Guide to Facebook should prove an invaluable aide to those of us who are relative newbies to technocrese.

Click Here To Purchase The Parent's Guide to Facebook: Tips and Strategies to Protect Your Children on the World's Largest Social Network