Author: William Manchee

ISBN: 978-1-92997666-9

Publisher: Top Publications

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William Manchee's protagonist in his latest novel, Disillusioned: A Stan Turner Mystery is quite a character. Stan Turner is married with three children and he is able to keep food on the table by juggling between his law school classes and selling insurance. His wife Rebeka is the jealous type, and perhaps with reason, as women are quite eager to seduce Stan and get him into the sack. Turner, who had been in the Marine Corps, has just successfully defended himself, after being accused of murdering his Drill Sergeant. The meat of the novel focuses on how Turner is determined to clear a dead friend's reputation and will do anything and everything it takes to succeed.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Turner was elected the country chairman for the Republican Party in the northern Dallas and southern Collin counties in Texas. Consequently, he was very much involved with the election campaign of his friend Rob Shepard, who was running against the Democratic incumbent, Ron Wells for state representative. Luckily for Turner and Shepard, Kristina Tenison, a volunteer, was assigned to help them. Besides being young and beautiful, Kristina was very well organized and efficient. Bank rolling the campaign was Brad Thornton, who seemed to have his fingers in many pies, and as we discover, some of these ventures are not exactly legitimate-even involving a Mexican drug cartel and money laundering. Where matters begin to spin off the rails is when Shepard, his wife Cindy, their three children and babysitter are found brutally murdered in their home. It was initially determined that Rob murdered all of them and then turned the gun on himself, making it seem to be a murder suicide. Stan doesn't buy this scenario and sets out to prove that someone else is the culprit. Along his dizzy journey, several cans of worms are opened up that place his life in constant danger, however, this does not stop him from reaching his goal in proving that his friend Rob did not murder his family.

Although the story is a trifle far-fetched, particularly the portrayal of the FBI as being inept and their casual willingness to go along with Stan's sometimes reckless actions while conducting his investigation, nonetheless, it is an entertaining read that adds up to a page- turning thriller with a final twist that deepens the plot considerably. And hence the title- Disillusioned.

Disillusioned: A Stan Turner Mystery is Manchee's 16th novel. He practices consumer law with his son Jim in Dallas, Texas. Manchee informs us that several years ago one of his clients was a famous romance author and after working with her for a while, he started wondering if he also could write novels, and the rest his history.

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