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Trouble in High Heels, by Leanne Banks

ISBN: 0446611743

Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

Leanne Banks is a national #1 best-selling author of romance novels. She is the winner of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards in Series Sensuality and Love and Laughter. She is also the winner of the Florida Writers Beacon Award, the Golden Quill Award, the Georgia Romance Writers' MAGGIE Award and Booksellers' Best Award. Her books have been recognized by the Award of Excellence Contest, the Romance Writers of America Rita Contest, and the National Readers' Choice Awards. Other titles include: Footloose, Underfoot, Some Girls Do, and When She’s Bad. Leanne resides in Virginia with her husband and two children.

When Lori Granger’s esteemed father died, she inherited a fortune. Known for going through her money like normal people do water, Lori has stretched her funds too tight on her many charitable donations. Now, not even her alluring and illustrious image can save her. Hired by her father’s estate, Jackson James is determined to control her spending. Worse, he appears immune to her many charms. He refuses to loosen his grip on her trust fund and helps her to fulfill a condition of her father’s will- to find a husband!  As the attraction between them intensifies, and Jackson finds that Lori is much more than a rich girl with a credit card, could Mr. Straight-as-an-Arrow and Miss Break-All-the-Rules be just what the other needs to find true love…And right in front of their bickering, lusting eyes?

The only issue I had with the book was two phrases that the author used, “inundulated” and “French kiss”. It may be just me who feels this way, and the author only used them a couple of times each, but they drew me out of the story when they were used. They just didn’t seem to fit there.

This was a great story to get you out of your hum-drum life. The characters were charming and relatable. The setting drew you in. The plot flowed agreeably and smooth. There weren’t any dead spots where I lost interest. You know that you’ve been sucked into a great book to escape when you find yourself laughing out loud uproariously- which I did, several times, in fact. I especially loved the side story with Geoffrey and Maria. I wanted to read their outcome as much as Jackson and Lori’s.

Trouble in High Heels, by Leanne Banks, is a hilarious and zesty story, filled with heart and vigor.

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