Author: Miles Corwin
ISBN: 978-1-60809-007-5

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This is an intense book, full of loud, rowdy and skillful storytelling.

After a well-known former policeman is killed in Los Angeles the department is under pressure to find the culprit. Lieutenant Frank Duffy wants his best man on the case. The problem is that his best man, Ash Levine, quit the force a year ago. Ash was a stubborn detective, extremely observant and unable to let go until he could find the answers to his cases. Ash retired from the force after a witness in a homicide, Latisha Patton, was killed. He is destroyed with guilt because of this, thinking that he caused Latisha's death. He is asked by Lt. Duffy to come back to the squad to find the killer of the officer, Pete Relovich, who was killed in an apparent breaking and entering at his home. Ash decides to come back so he can work the case and also look for the person or persons that murdered
his witness. Of course, many members of the squad are not about to welcome him back as they did not like him in the first place. Ash is the son of a concentration camp survivor and also a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces so, there is a bit of interference and corruption from the department. Which only goes to make the story better.

Ash goes into the investigation on a dead run to search and inquire into the ex-cops murder. This case takes him into the unpleasant and sordid side of Southern California, including the escort services of Hollywood to the expensive and over-the-top art galleries in the Hollywood Hills. But, when he has a person of interest in custody, it doesn't seem right with Ash and he goes on to investigate more leads into the Relovich murder while silently looking for leads in Latisha's murder. Because of Ash's OC attitude he is having a tough time letting go of either case which sends him forth into a sea of private deals and public dishonesty that might mean his life.

This book is a hard-driving police story that will hold your interest until the last pages. The author is a former crime reporter for the LA Times and really knows his subject. He is the author of The Killing Season, which, by the way, I read. I recommend Kind of Blue to all readers who like books that move along at a brisk pace and grab you right away. This is a great picture of seasoned police officers at work.

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