Author: Doug Warshauer

ISBN: 978-0-9844937-4-6

Click Here To Purchase If I'm So Smart Where Did All My Money Go: Balancing Your Financial Objectives for Lasting Wealth

In the book If I’m So Smart…Where Did All My Money Go? Doug Warshauer has found a unique and engaging way of providing relevant and timely information to folks who are wondering how their money keeps slipping through their fingers. He addresses issues such as what people need to do in order to save money, adequately prepare for retirement, pay off debt, understand investments and save for college. And he does this in a very clear and straight-forward manner.

Let’s face it; money is not always easy to understand. If it was, there would be no need for books such as this. What is perhaps different about this book is that the author addresses these issues and writes about them in compelling ways so that people who may not know a lot about money can begin to learn. He reviews important topics such as how interest rates are determined, how debt accumulates, and whether or not people are better off financing or paying cash for large purchases. He includes plenty of worksheets as visuals throughout the book to help emphasize important points.

The book is written in such a way that we feel like we are attending a financial seminar with other participants to whom Warshauer lectures and answers countless questions. We learn about the lives of the participants and how they ended up needing the seminar. And we can identify with at least one person attending the seminar, including a single guy in his twenties, a married couple, and people who have not yet begun saving for retirement. We get an inside look at their lives and we may be surprised to find that they resemble someone in our own family, circle of friends or even our own selves.

Warshauer begins the seminar by covering simple topics such as paying off debt and building a budget and reviews areas such as starting a home and auto fund. Finally, he covers advanced topics such as investments, avoiding risk, saving for college and creating a retirement plan. Warshauer understands the fear and confusion that many of us experience when dealing with these topics. He also understands how bad financial decisions can wreak havoc on people’s marriages and health.

Since I am someone who does not systematically manage my money, I do not have a lot of books to use as a comparison. I will say this - I learned a great deal from this book and I have already begun to use some of the author’s approaches to managing my money a lot better! I recommend this book - for both people who are just starting on out on a path to learning about money and those who are somewhat financially savvy as they will receive a wealth of information from someone who obviously understands these complicated issues. He may even clear up incorrect assumptions you may have had all your life about money and how it should be working for you. And ultimately, you should find more of it in your wallet and bank accounts and not slipping through your fingers.

Click Here To Purchase If I'm So Smart Where Did All My Money Go: Balancing Your Financial Objectives for Lasting Wealth