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Author: Karen J. Hasley


Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.


Of course, I wasn’t home.” This simple statement from “Where Home Is” defines the adventure that the heroine, Dr. Katherine Davis, takes upon herself in 1910. Third in the Laramie series by Karen J. Hasley, “Where Home Is” is the story of the third child of John and Louisa Caldecott Davis, the founders of the Davis generations. But it is not necessary to have read the previous two books in the series, “Lily’s Sister” and “Waiting For Hope” to appreciate this western romance novel. Hasley is adept at creating compelling stand-alone stories while gracefully bringing in family history when it contributes to the story at hand.

While Dr, Davis’ adventure plays out in Chicago and Laramie, Wyoming, the real adventure rides the emotional range of a person who seems to have a clear sense of purpose for her life, yet senses restless winds in her soul. Hasley brings in rich characters in the form of a young girl, Petra, and a man, Douglas Gallagher, to keep those inner breezes stirring. Set against vibrant Hull-House, a settlement house in Chicago where Dr. Davis has agreed to serve as the dispensary physician for a year, and with a glimpse into the high society world of Gallagher, the contrast of an immigrant, working class community from which Petra comes, and the privileged capitalist life of Gallagher provides excellent counterpoint to Katherine’s introspection as she examines her first year beyond the security of family and school.

While drawn into the high-gear activity of her duties at Hull-House and her slowly growing friendship with Gallagher, Katherine finds her homegrown values and beliefs frequently under her personal microscope. Threading them together, often in a tangle, with her current life is the re-occurring question: where is home? “Something else beckoned from the outside and drove from the inside, although I couldn’t express that sensibly to anyone…”

But Hasley is not predicable in her storytelling and that is what kept me turning page after page. Her deeply rooted characters are all too real and therefore capable of branching off into different directions at any time. However, the integrity of Katherine and the family from which she comes provides the reader a comfortable foundation from which to enjoy the action.

When Dr. Davis’ year of internship ends, she returns to her family’s home in Laramie, Wyoming, still questioning where home is. She struggles to hear that still, small voice inside that Petra advised her to listen to and hopes that re-establishing her emotional balance in familiar surroundings will quiet her heart. “There are moments that redirect the course of our lives, moments so significant and meaningful that ever after we use them as dividing lines to separate what came before and what followed.” And thus begins the final leg of Katherine’s emotional journey.

This novel will touch your heart and even bring “fiddle tears,” as the Davis family refers to them, to your eyes. It will remind you that even though progress is made and things change dramatically from generation to generation, people and their relationships to one another are the keys to understanding the concept of home.

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