Author: Larry Hunter

Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6103-5

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Larry Hunter, author of The Mission, is an Illinois native and graduate of Wilbur Wright College. (2010, back cover) For thirty years he worked in sales. Only recently has he taken up writing. Mr. Hunter is a Cubs and Bears fan. He and his family live in the greater Chicago area where he is working on book number two.

This novel ties together a Catholic priest, Father O’Malley with a man holding some dark US and international secrets, Jack Mullins. Father O’Malley learns of these secrets via death bed confession on behalf of Mr. Mullins. Mr. Mullins warns the priest that his life may be in danger after confessing to having first hand knowledge of a variety of nearly treasonous acts ranging from the death of a US President to the death of Martin Luther King.

Father O’Malley is a generally trusting man and he does not realize how much his life is about to change after this confession. Someone is definitely trying to kill the priest. A young FBI agent befriends Father O’Malley and they join forces with others who are instrumental in piecing together this vast mystery of international espionage and intrigue, but not before many others die.

The story was moving and believable. The characters likable, or not, depending on which side they are on in this thriller. There are many unlikely twists and turns. My only criticism would be that the author seeks professional editing in his future endeavors as that is what takes a good book, which this is, and makes it great.

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